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New Year, New Digital Fundraising Strategy?

If your charity’s New Year’s resolution is to take a big step forward in your digital fundraising, then Donater can help you take that step.

Or perhaps you’ve recently set up a charitable fund and you’re not sure how to go digital and start taking donations online quickly and safely. If that’s the case – We’ve got you!

Even before 2020, the third sector was beginning to see the very real threat of society going cashless, and how that would affect fundraising.

The onset of the pandemic only sped up this process and we can now firmly see that digital fundraising is not going anywhere.

Cash might have disappeared, but donors haven’t gone anywhere – They just want quick, easy ways of giving money to causes they support.

The good news is that we can help you to make small digital changes that can have a big impact on fundraising.

Here at Donater we have a suite of Digital Fundraising tools that can help you get your fundraising online for 2022.

How can Donater help you with your digital fundraising strategy?

Here at Donater, we’re passionate about helping you and your charity utilise online fundraising technology. Here are some useful tips to get you started.

Get some simple digital infrastructure in place

If using Donater online fundraising tools is your first foray into the world of digital donations, then good on you for taking those first steps! It’s fantastic that you are embracing online fundraising and lokoing for innovative ways to take cashless donations. To help you make the most of Donater’s online fundraising tools, it’s a good idea to get some other digital infrastructure in place too.  

  • Website – Is your website user friendly? Is your mission clear to your online visitors so they are propelled towards donating?

    Donater Online Fundraising Tool – Our ‘Donate Now’ button is a vital addition to your website, giving donors a clear and easy call to action so that they can make a donation as soon as they feel compelled to do so.

  • Social Media – Do you have social media platforms ready to engage your supporters online? Social media should be an integral part of your digital fundraising strategy and is a great place to share your mission, your events and your fundraising efforts with your followers. It’s also an opportunity to reach more people and engage new supporters.

    Donater Online Fundraising ToolOur Donater online donation page links are easily shared on social media platforms and are a quick and efficient way of encouraging donations online.

Go Contactless

The pandemic has hit cash hard. Less people are carrying it, shops are encouraging us not to use it by upping card limits, and everything seems to have gone online. Charities need a quick and easy way for donors to make online donations. What’s the solution?

Our Donater Smart Stickers, QR Codes and NFC Tags are the perfect first step into online payments. And the best thing about them is they don’t need a device, batteries or a plug!

Our Smart Stickers are a fantastic addition to any point of sale. They can be stuck on donation boxes, collection tins, posters, and even name badges! These stickers literally transform almost anything into a means of taking online donations.

For example, a Donater QR Code was used to collect money for the homeless via a poster underneath the city’s Christmas tree as well as transforming donation boxes into digital fundraising tools across the city centre. The possibilities are huge!

All a potential donor needs to do is scan the QR code (or tap the NFC tag) with their smartphone. They will then be taken straight to your online Donater donation page where they can make a speedy donation using Google Pay, Apple Pay or their credit/ debit card. Completely contactless, cashless and Covid-Safe.

Our Smart Stickers lend themselves well to events too – School bake sales, auction lots, gallery exhibitions, etc. There are so many ways to make this technology work for your charity!

Unapologetically share your mission

You obviously care about your charity or good cause. You wouldn’t have landed on this page otherwise! You want to raise money so that you can help and do good. And you know that digital fundraising is a big part of that. It’s brilliant if you’ve got all the digital fundraising tools in place. But don’t forget to proudly share your mission.

Donater online donation pages are easy to share alongside your event. Make sure you’re also reaching people with the mission that’s at the heart of everything you do. Appeal to their heart and show them why it’s so important that your event is a success and that you raise vital funds. Show people how much difference their donations make. Make donors believe how grateful you are.

Take your mission wherever you need it to go, knowing you can rely on Donater’s Suite of Digital Fundraising Tools to provide a safe, quick and easy contactless payment option wherever your donors may find them. Whether that’s through a Donate Now button, a Smart Sticker, NFC Tag or QR Code, or simply a link to your Online Donation Page.

Why do we do what we do?

We designed our suite of digital fundraising tools with you in mind. We want to make it as straightforward as possible for charities and good causes to fundraise online. That’s why our online fundraising tools are easy to use. 

We have been recognised in our field for the work we do having been shortlisted two years running as a Digital Innovation finalist at the Hampshire Business Awards for our work in digital fundraising. We’ve also enjoyed being a part of VentureFest South Festival of Innovation 2021 as an Innovator.  

Our blog is also dedicated to sharing tips and ideas for online fundraising to help you make the best of our Donater technology.

For more information head to our website, or get in touch with us today.

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