Our Smart Stickers

QR Codes and NFC Tags can be attached to almost anything

Our Smart Stickers

Our Smart Stickers combine QR Code and NFC Tag technology, which makes it really simple for people to tap or scan and make a donation.
Easily add our stickers to your existing donation tins, boxes and buckets, marketing materials, posters or badgers, and start collecting donations right away.
All a donor has to do is scan the QR code using their phone, or if they have NFC enabled on their phone, they can simply tap, and the donation page appears.
Online Charity Donation Tool
2012 Supermarket Fundraising...how the world changes

Not just stickers

You can make almost anything into the ability to fundraise. All of your offline marketing materials can be easily upgraded with a QR code or NFC tag.

Commonly, we can turn wristbands, lanyards, badges and identify tags into a smart technology, allowing a donor to tap and quickly give.

Online donations

Make the most of using one simple platform – we provide a simple, memorable short link so you can embed your donation link directly into your social media and websites.

Read more about our Integrations and see how simple it is to embed Donater directly into your website and more things.

Will people donate using mobile payments?

We have created a unique, quick to implement and cost effective system that turns your old fundraising boxes and cash tins into a smart donation technology.

Thanks to recent developments in mobile technology, the plethora of mobile and contactless payments, and the huge adoption levels of payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, we have built a product which allows a donation to be made in around 15 seconds.

We have built a secure website with the latest technologies, using our preferred Payment Provider, Stripe, and only take a small fee to cover the card charges and our administration fee for each transaction. If no-one donates, there’s no cost at all.

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