Why Mobile Payments?

There’s a shift towards mobilising action for social good

Attract the Donors of the future

Through a core understanding of human behaviour, we know new generations have created a social shift. They recognise the power of their actions and the ability to mobilise their infulence for maximum community benefit.
Money increasingly has become less taboo as people express their ideology through their actions, digitally sharing what they believe in.
Young people today believe communities are created by causes and interests now, not economic backgrounds or educational levels.
More so than any other previous generation, this is where we need to connect with the donors of the future.
Theory of Giving
Mobile Payments for Charities

Mobile Payments Are Here

64% of smart-phone users paid using their mobile phone in 2018, with 39% using a mobile wallet form of payment such as Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay.

48% of 18-35 year olds used digital payments last year, with 44% of 35-44yr olds, and surprisingly 22% of those aged 65+.

Smart phones in the UK have continued to get smarter, making it even more simple for users to pay using their devices without the need for downloading apps and complicated setups.

Until recently, technology has meant we need to rely on expensive, fee-heavy and complex hardware and software in order to get a mobile or contactless donation.

This has been impossible for most smaller and regional charities to afford, and with an on-going commitment without any guarantee of income, it has been difficult to see a way out of the problem of dwindling cash in society today.

Frequent media articles have warned of the danger of a cashless society leaving behind the third sector, which in a tough economic climate needs all the support it can get.

Donations made with cash also tend to be the spare change and pennies from their pocket. A conscious donation decision will unlikely be less than £1 if that’s the minimum you ask for.

Last year we saw the Big Issue move to contactless payments, performers at Edinburgh Festival asking the audience to ‘tap to donate’ and the Church of England asking for contactless donations.

This technology is here to stay and become even more normal in every day life.

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