Donater Dashboard

The Donater dashboard lets you manage your donations and data. 

The Donation Manager

  • Each smart sticker can be uniquely identified in your Donater Portal.
  • This allows you to identify easily the most popular donation locations.
  • You can see the day and time of each donation.
  • From this, you can infer when cash collection tins could be full.
  • You have visibility of incoming donation levels.
  • You can capture donor information and contact details
  • Increase following on social media channels.
Report and Analytics for Contactless and Mobile Charity Donations

Analytics and proactive reports

  • You set and change the donation options live
  • Live data of incoming donations as they happen
  • A live map of donations, you can share on your website
  • A report provided via email with information about your recent donations.
  • Order extra Smart Stickers.
  • Download Gift Aid and donor information.
  • Setup alerts and notifications
Dashboard Analytics for Mobile Contactless Charity Giving

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