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The 15-second Digital Donation Technology that helps you fundraise faster.

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contactless mobile donations

Add our smart stickers to your existing collecting tins and donation points.

Those wishing to donate simply tap or scan the sticker with their mobile to make a donation in 15 seconds. If they don’t use Apple Pay or Google Pay, they can pay by using their card.

Your donations are transferred to your bank account (we take a small percentage, along with the card processing fee)

Use the Donater Dashboard to identify trends, see your donations in real-time and download Gift Aid data. You can add extra optional steps to the process to receive gift aid data, get social media followers or contact information.

If you wanted, you can even add our smart stickers to volunteer badges, fundraising posters, money wells, almost anywhere where you receive cash.

Read more about our QR Codes/NFC tags, your Donater dashboard and how we charge:

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