Our Story

Our technologists and marketeers are people just like you.

Local Giving Back

We’ve been in charities and charitable giving for over a decade.
We’ve been on the ground supporting young carers at weekly support clubs, we’ve been running large charity fireworks events, building a Santa Sleigh for our local Round Table, and running the course for a Rotary Club marathon.
We’ve sat as trustees for local charities, and stood outside supermarkets asking for pennies in the pouring rain.
Technology for Charity Donations

high profile technology for giving

Through our day to day work, we’ve travelled the UK building the infrastructure for charitable events, seeing how organisations large and small succesfully fundraise. Our technology and innovation has been part of high profile events, used in London and across Europe. A legacy that carries on today.
Whilst we can safely say our work has contributed to raising more than several million pounds in this time, we’ve also experienced exactly how tough it can be to raise each and every penny.

Why we get up each day

We know you have limited time for fundraising, but need the maximum donations. We know that you can’t pay huge admin fees and big monthly retainers, and that every little donation you want to use for making a difference. We’ve seen the struggle of small cycles of commitment from funding sources and the squeeze of local authority support.
That’s why we want to get up each day, support those who have the undeniable drive to change people’s lives, and use our skills to try and change the world just a little bit. This isn’t about building something big and cool, it’s about building something great.
Online Charity Donation Tool
2012 Supermarket Fundraising...how the world changes

how donater was born

The weight of our charity buckets at our local fireworks display in 2018, showed us that contactless giving needed to happen. We had no choice.
Our founder Steve is a lecturer at the University of Winchester in Hampshire, and he spent an open day at the institution  building the initial concept, using it as a student project.
As technologists running a Digital Agency and Marketing company, Sprechen, we are best placed to build new products that can make a difference. Donater started as a side project to see what could happen – but we’ve discovered a need and opportunity to give back more than we take.

While the world becomes increasingly contactless, it’s never been more important to be connected.

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