WBE Awards Finalist 2021

Donater are Digital Innovation Finalist at Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2021

We’re heading to the final of Winchester Business Excellence Awards 2021! Thank you so much to those who nominated us in the category of Digital Innovation, we couldn’t be happier to be announced as a finalist.

What was our inspiration for digital donation technology?

Here at Donater it’s been apparent to us for a while that charities need digital technology as a part of their fundraising strategy.

Our big ‘lightbulb’ moment was back in 2018. Our CEO was a part of Winchester Round Table’s Bonfire and Fireworks – Winchester’s largest one-day charitable event. Whilst volunteering at this fundraising event, it quickly became apparent that the buckets full of cash donations were getting too heavy to hold. This annual firework fundraising event regularly raises in excess of £60K – It was clear to us that the ability to accept contactless donations was vital.

Donater technology was born from working closely with various Winchester based charities. We’ve travelled throughout the UK, building the infrastructure for a multitude of high-profile events. We know how charitable organisations (large and small) successfully fundraise, and the tools they need to help them.

We saw a need for easy to use, simple to implement, non-expensive donation technology. So, we built the tools needed to fill the gap.

Along came Covid

Since March 2020, we’ve seen just how important digital fundraising is. Cashless and contactless donations have been vital for charities in their continuing efforts to fundraise during the pandemic.

It’s been such a difficult time with many challenges, but we’ve also had the privilege of witnessing the innovation and grit of charities determined to survive the coronavirus crisis, and embracing all that digital fundraising has to offer.

That very first lockdown back in March last year acted as a catalyst for us here at Donater. It gave us the time and focus needed to launch our platform and suite of fundraising tools. We are so passionate about helping good causes to raise vital funds through digital donation technology.

Seeing our digital donation tools being used by charities to raise vital funds during the pandemic gave us an immense sense of pride. It was, and continues to be, an honour to help charities continue their fundraising – Especially amid such a challenging time.

Here at Donater we know how important each donation is. We understand you want to use it to do good rather than paying large fees. You have limited time, and we know you want to raise as much money as possible in the time that you have.

What online fundraising technology can we offer here at Donater?

We have developed a range of digital fundraising tools that help charitable organisations and good causes to raise money online and through mobile payments. We’re committed to the continuous development of these tools to bring you the best, simple to use and affordable digital infrastructure for your charity.

Our digital donation platform can offer the following online fundraising tools:

  • Online Donater Donation Page – A customisable web page that can be linked to your website through a Donate button. It’s easily shared on social media platforms, email newsletters and other communication.

  • QR Codes – Our QR codes can be placed almost anywhere. They don’t need power or Wi-Fi, yet enable potential donors to simply scan the code on their smartphone and donate. Donors are taken to a donation page where they can pay within seconds using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Or they can enter their credit or debit details. Cashless, contactless, simple and quick.

  • NFC Tags – Our Smart Stickers use both QR code and NFC tag technology. Donors with NFC enabled smartphones simply tap the sticker and are taken straight to an online donation page.

Our community is at the heart of what we do

It all started in our home city of Winchester. We are so thrilled to see our online fundraising tools being used in our local community – The source of our inspiration and where it all began.

From Santa Sleighs and Christmas tree sponsor boards to digital donation boxes to help the homeless – We couldn’t be happier to see our digital donation technology being used for good causes across Winchester and beyond.

We are really proud and grateful to be recognised in our community for digital innovation. It’s an honour to be a finalist in the Winchester Business Excellence Awards in this category.

We are thoroughly committed to digital innovation in our field. Our drive to continuously evolve our digital fundraising tools to help those that need it most is unstoppable.

We’re excited to see where it takes us next – So watch this space.

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