Superyacht 7Cs Challenge

Socially Distanced Online Fundraisers – 7C’s Challenge

Online fundraisers – What do you do when everything’s plain sailing, but then all of a sudden an almighty storm appears from nowhere and you have no option than to either drop the anchor or make a detour?

Both options are totally legitimate – Anchor down, batten down the hatches and weather the storm, or pause, re-assess the situation, and find an alternative way forward.

Many charities haven’t had a choice but to take a deep breath and push forwards in a slightly different direction. Fundraising can’t just stop. They’re navigating a new way forwards to make sure that they continue to find safe ways to fundraise. It’s so important to ensure that they are still there to help all the people that rely on them. Online fundraising is one way they can keep donations coming in.

One organisation that we’ve recently worked with has done just this. Superyacht Charities have set themselves a huge challenge to enable them to fundraise online whilst social distancing.

Turning Cancelled Events into Online Fundraising

Superyacht Charities 7C’s challenge is a relay type trial incorporating two events that they had to unfortunately cancel due to Covid-19. The challenge will see those taking part running, rowing and riding the 1,121 miles between Southampton and Palma – The 2 locations that were supposed to hold 2020 events. They’ve already raised over £7K from online fundraising in this way.

This challenge is just one brilliant example of how social distancing regulations don’t have to be another storm that you have to wait to pass. Innovative initiatives like this prove just how effective and successful socially distanced, online fundraisers can be.

As we’ve seen over the last 6 months, there are so many great things we can do online to stay connected to others. Online fundraising is one of these.

We’ve enjoyed working with Superyacht Charities and building their donations page and website for this extremely worthy fundraiser.

For more information on their fundraising challenge or to make a donation, you can visit their website here.

Are you planning a socially distanced, online fundraiser? If you’re looking for an easy way to receive donations online via your website, get in touch with us today.

If you’re not planning any online fundraisers, why not? Check out our recent blogs for some brilliant ideas and tips on how to start your socially distanced online fundraising.  

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