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Reflections on 2021

It’s that time of year when we tend to look back at the year we’ve had, and contemplate what next year might bring.

Much of 2021 was similar to 2020. Charities and charitable organisations faced similar challenges to the year before – But once again we have seen such tenacity and resilience in the face of trials and uncertainty.

Thank You

We have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with so many amazing charities this year – From loyal supporters who have used our technology since the beginning, to new faces and causes who have let us here at Donater help them take their first steps into digital fundraising.

It has been a privilege to witness these charities continue to raise money for their worthwhile causes in these continuing difficult times.

Thank you to every single charity that has chosen Donater to help them fundraise digitally. And thank you to everyone who has used Donater digital fundraising technology to make a donation to these amazing charities.

Every tap of a Donater NFC tag or scan of a Donater QR code has meant that these charities have continued to raise vital funds at a time when cash was less readily available. It’s been a joy to see how contactless fundraising can make such a difference to those in need.

It’s not easy to take a step into the unknown at such a challenging time. We really admire the bravery, resilience and resourcefulness of the charities we’ve been able to work with this year, looking for covid-safe ways they could continue vital fundraising for their causes.

We’re Here For You

When we first started working on our cashless donation technology, we knew it was an important tool for charities and fundraising. We had no idea how vital online fundraising would become last year, and throughout 2021 as well. Digital fundraising is here to stay.

The sole reason Donater exists is to help you make a difference in our ever-increasing cashless society.

Donater’s Online Fundraising Technology

We have such faith that Donater can be a real force for good – Throughout this ongoing pandemic and beyond. Our online fundraising platform includes:

  • Personalised online donation pages, that can be easily linked to charity websites through a Donate button
  • QR codes to enable Covid-safe, contactless giving via smartphones and Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • NFC tags so people can just tap their smartphone and donate through Google or Apple Pay – Completely contactless
  • Smart Stickers that combine the QR code and NFC tag in one easy-to-use smart sticker that can be used almost anywhere

New Year, New Opportunities

2021 has once again been a bit of a rollercoaster. We are here to support the third sector through whatever 2022 has to bring.  This December alone, we have helped charities raise in excess of £10,000.

We are committed to constantly evolving our technology and will continue to add new features in the coming months to make fundraising even easier. Already we have been recognised twice for digital innovation as a finalist in our local Business Awards.

We believe that the tenacity, innovation and strength that so many charities have shown in the face of these challenging times will continue into 2022.

Donater will be right here with you to help you continue fundraising whatever the new year may bring.

For more information about any of the online fundraising tools we can provide, head to our website.

We also have a blog dedicated to online fundraising ideas. With a wealth of socially distanced fundraising tips and lots more helpful fundraising articles, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a school PTA, a hospice, a charity or holding a virtual fundraising event – Donater has something that can help.

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