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Digital Fundraising During Covid-19

People are being urged to work from home, schools are closing and events across the UK are being cancelled or postponed.

Where does this leave you fundraisers? Whether you’re a school PTA group having to cancel a vital fundraising event, or a charity having to postpone a much needed fundraiser, tensions are running high.

What do Not For Profit Organisations need?

Not for profit organisations still need donations. At this unprecedented, uncertain time when people are facing months without pay or maybe not even a job to go back to, the thought of keeping fundraising levels up could be a stressful one. Covid-19 is wreaking havoc on so many businesses and organisations, and charities are no exception.

There are articles, social media posts and petitions circulating constantly, encouraging people to use contactless methods of payment. People are cautious of cash right now – Who’s touched it before me? Can a virus survive on coins or notes?

Who can really be sure. But it certainly seems, as we suspected in our last blog, that people will lean towards contactless payments, whether that be via card or Apple / Google Pay on a mobile device. It could be safer, and it’s definitely quicker.

How could Online & Digital Payments Help?

Online and electronic payments could also be hugely beneficial to charities and not-for-profits trying to fundraise too, especially amid the cancellation of events where they would usually take donations.

For example, here at Donater we can provide a web and social link to charities, so people can still donate via mobile pay – Simply and from their own homes. Perfect if they’re in self-isolation! And even if they’re not, making a donation can’t get much easier than that can it.

If this virus pandemic has done anything positive, it’s the feeling of community on a global, national and local village scale. It’s bringing everyone together, supporting one another to get through this. And online technology is proving to be a big part of that. From staying in touch with loved ones, to suddenly becoming a homeschooler to your children frantically Googling lesson ideas, to working remotely, to sharing a donation page.

Covid-19 isn’t the only reason to utilise digital donation technology (we’ve been banging on about it for ages!) but with the current surge towards using it, now might be the time to give it a go.

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