Fundraising Ideas for Father’s Day

Here’s your friendly reminder that this Sunday, 16th June, is Father’s Day! How do you plan to celebrate the father figure in your life? 

Whether it’s celebrating a Dad, Step-Dad, Father-in-Law, Uncle, Family Friend, or maybe even a mum who’s played the role of dad too – We’ve got some great ideas that can help your charity or good cause raise some money whilst your supporters celebrate that special father figure in their lives. 

So here are some fantastic fundraising opportunities to use for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Fundraisers

A Bag of Breakfast

One way your charity can help to celebrate Father’s Day with your supporters is to sell ‘Bags of Breakfast’ to make breakfast in bed even easier in the morning! 

Things like a few varied pastries, a pot of protein yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a bottle of fresh orange juice and a sachet of coffee or tea bag. 

Remember to reach out to local indie shops and cafes to see if they would be willing to donate some goods to your cause. This means you can keep costs to a minimum (more donations for you!) and the indie cafes can reach a new audience of your supporters. Win-win!

If you can’t find any local businesses willing to donate their produce then keep costs down by bulk buying what you can. 

Taking pre-orders for these is also a good idea. A great option for those with children in their community – PTA’s, churches, community groups and other charitable organisations. 

Dad Joke Competition

What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals? Philipe Fallop.

They’re known for being awful, but we’re sure we can all admit that we’ve laughed at a Dad joke or two over the years! There’s nothing quite like a dad joke, is there? 

Why not run a competition where for just a quid, people can send in their favourite Dad joke. At the end of the week, choose the best (or pick out of a hat) and present the winner with a prize! Don’t forget to share all the entries with your supporters! 

See if local services or attractions would be willing to donate a voucher as a prize to entice more people to take part. The better the prize, the more the entries! 

Father and Son / Dad and Daughter Camp-Out 

If you have a school field or similar piece of contained land, then a Camp Out for Dad’s to celebrate with their sons and daughters could work really well! 

Charge a fee for the tent and a per-person charge to cover any food or drink you offer. Put on activities – Maybe some sports races, campfire stories, marshmallow toasting, a film on an outdoor screen with popcorn etc. 

Get the mums involved too by asking them to help make bacon butties for the morning after they’ve all enjoyed a good night’s sleep (or not!). 

Donuts for Dads Afternoon

Afternoon Tea is definitely ‘a thing’ when it comes to popular Mother’s Day activities but what about a tasty treat or two for the dads*? 

A Donuts for Dads Afternoon is a great way for Dads to spend some quality time with their children whilst enjoying a little treat and maybe a cup of coffee. 

Bulk buy the donuts and sweet treats and ask if you could have a discount by explaining your worthy cause. 

You could either ask for a small donation upon pre-booking, or you could take bookings and then ask for donations on the day. You never know, you might make more money by leaving it up to the Dads what they want to pay! 

Friendly Football Tournament 

Another one great for school PTA’s but would also work well for other charitable causes and organisations with lots of families amongst their supporters. 

Recruit a set of teams of 5 dads* each. If you are a school, you could have a team per class plus maybe a staff team! Charge a small match fee for taking part. You’d need at least 4 teams to make it work, and ideally an even number of teams to make things easier but it’s possible with an odd number too. 

On the day of the tournament think about what other stalls you could have that would boost donations even further, perhaps:

  • Tea, coffee and cake
  • BBQ and soft drinks
  • Ice lollies if it’s warm weather
  • Banners and flags 
  • Bottles of water and oranges for the players (maybe don’t charge for those though!)

Think about who is in your community that you could lean on for this event:

  • Butchers – Meat for the barbecue
  • Bakeries – Baps for the meat
  • Sports Coaches – For warm ups or refereeing
  • Physiotherapists – Just in case of any injuries!

*or Father figure

We acknowledge that Father’s Day can be hard for some people. This occasion and these fundraisers can be used to celebrate anyone special in people’s lives, a father figure or otherwise. We hope our readers spend this Sunday in whatever way they want to. 

Are you fundraising digitally this Father’s Day?

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