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The London Marathon 2024

Yesterday, Sunday the 21st April, London saw its streets strewn with runners once again as thousands of people joined in the London Marathon.

Hype was building all of last week, with radio, TV and news outlets all creating a buzz about the marathon and sharing stories from current and former runners. 

London Marathon – Frequently Asked Questions

Do London Marathon runners train in their costumes?

One of the most commonly asked questions about the London marathon is how do people train in their crazy costumes? Do they go out running their normal route dressed as an inflatable shark – Or do they save that for the day itself? If you’ve been wondering this very question then click over to BBC Newsbeat who has very conundrum covered. 

When was the first London Marathon?

England’s capital has seen this annual fundraising event running (pardon the pun) since 1981, set up by athletes Chris Brasher and John Disley. For a couple of years, it was held during October due to the disruptions to live events that Covid and the pandemic causes, but last year saw it’s return to April. 

How long does it take to run the London Marathon?

Most runners finish the ultimate running challenge within 4 hours, with the quickest time on record being just over 2 hours. There are also over 100 Guinness World Record attempts every marathon – Mostly to do with fancy dress! 

How much money does the London Marathon raise? 

The London Marathon is a huge fundraising event, raising millions of pounds for all different charities. The record for the most money raised from the marathon is currently held by 2019 with a whopping £66.4 million donated to charity. 2023 gave it a good run (another running pun for you) by raising £63 million – Will 2024 bring a new record number? 

Marathon Themed Fundraising Ideas – That Don’t Involve Running The London Marathon

If all the marathon talk has got you kind of wishing you had taken part, then here are some fundraising ideas that aren’t quite the London Marathon, but will still bring in plenty of donations! It’s also not too late to donate.

Fun Run

If you’re more into the fun than the run, then a Fun Run is the perfect choice! They fit well with family fundraisers as well as giving participants the chance to dress up and enjoy themselves. Putting the fun into fundraiser! 

If you’re all about the costume, then you might like our blog on Fun Run costume ideas and how to choose them – You can read it here

Virtual Marathon Miles

Just because you can’t run the real thing, doesn’t mean you can’t complete the 26.2 miles doing something else! Whether it’s on a running machine in the comfort of your living room, laps of a pool, or a cycling route – Challenge yourself and then ask your friends and family for those all important donations! 

Mini Marathon 

It doesn’t have to be a mammoth marathon to bring in the donations. Why not motivate your local village, town or city to host its own marathon. This gives the perfect opportunity to bring a community together and raise money for local causes and charities that are close to the participants’ hearts. 

Top Tips for London Marathon Charity Fundraising

If your charity has been lucky enough to have supporters willing to run the London Marathon in your name, then you might be interested in a previous blog of ours – Full of top tips for supporting your runners through their London Marathon fundraising. You can read it here

Fundraise Digitally With Donater

Donater are passionate about bringing easy-to-use technology to small and large charities, helping them to fundraise fast online. Our online fundraising tools are easy to integrate and enable you to raise money digitally using Apple Pay, Google Pay and bank transfer. 

Online Fundraising Page

An online fundraising page with Donater enables you to raise money online easily and quickly. It can be branded to your cause so that your supporters trust they are sending their money to the right place. Links can be easily shared by text, email and on social media platforms. 

Donate Now Button

Link your online fundraising page to your website with our Donate Now button on your website. Supporters who visit your webpage will see the Donate Now button and feel secure in the knowledge that any donation they make via that link will go to the cause they care so much about. 

QR Codes and Mobile Payments

Our QR code technology means that supporters can access your online fundraising page simply by scanning a code on their smartphone. They can then make their donation via Apple Pay or Google Pay within seconds, or choose to enter their bank details. QR codes can be added to newsletters, merchandise – Even on clothes like runners bibs!

Get in touch

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We’d love to help you get you off the ground running into digital fundraising! 

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