Fundraising Ideas for Animal Charities

Tuesday 20th February is National Love Your Pet Day, so here at Donater we thought we would celebrate by sharing our favourite animal themed fundraising ideas. Ideal for Animal Charities and good causes!

Did you know that pets help to reduce stress and can even improve your cardiovascular health? Which basically means that any fundraiser involving animals will not only help raise money for worthy causes, but also help donors to have healthier, happier lives! 

So here are some of our favourite fundraising ideas that include our pawsome pets!

Pawfect Fundraisers for Animal Charities

Sponsored Walk (Pets Invited!)

If you’re an Animal Rescue or similar organisations, then you’re likely to have a community of people that live locally to your cause. Encourage them to get their family and friends (4 legged furry ones too!) together for a fun Sponsored Walk. 

Sponsored Groom

Do you know someone in your local community that grooms pets for a living? Perhaps they would be willing to donate a day of their time on a weekend, where people can come and have their pet groomed for a special price – With all the proceeds going to your animal charity. 

Online Dress-Up-Your-Pet Competition

Everyone loves a dog in a bow tie or a bunny with a pair of sunglasses, right? Encourage your supporters to take a pic of their pet and enter an online competition – You provide the hashtag! Every entry requires a small donation to your cause, with the winners award something they can share with their beloved pet! 

Webinar on an Expert Topic

If you are an animal charity then odds are you know a vet or two. Ask one of these animal experts if they would be willing to donate an hour or two of their time to host a Webinar of an interesting and popular topic that pet owners would pay to attend. All the proceeds go to your worthy cause. 

Pop Up Cat Cafe

These are increasing in popularity! If you are an animal rescue, then perhaps you have some cats at your disposal? If you can be sure that the cats will get on with each other (and human visitors) then why not host your own Cat Cafe? A few warm beverages, some cake and a couple of cute cats and you’ve got yourself a fundraising event! Who knows – One of your guests might even fall in love and give one of the cats their furever home!

Most Boop-Able Nose Competition

Let’s face it – Pets just have the most boop-able noses! Everyone thinks that their pet is the cutest with a nose just made for booping. Run an online competition asking for donors to enter a photo of their boopable-nosed pet – Don’t forget to ask for a donation per entry! 

Online Doppelganger Competition

They say that owners start to look like their pets over time. Or is that the pets start looking like their owners? Either way, we think a competition of the best Pet-Owner doppelgangers would make a fantastic online fundraiser! And one that will get the attention of a wider audience on social media, raising awareness of your worthy cause. 

Bone Appetit

Every one of our Fundraising Ideas lists includes a bake sale of some kind – Because they’re so effective! So why would this list be any different? The twist this time is to make the baked treats for our beloved four legged friends!

Fundraising Tips for Animal Charities

You might be part of an Animal Rescue or Sancituary, an Animal Welfare charity or another good cause helping the feathered and furred. If you’re an organisation of this nature, it’s vital to keep donations coming in and maximise your potential for fundraising. 

Grow the good you do by making sure your fundraising efforts are up to scratch with these fundraising tips. 

  • Remember to share regular updates with your supporters and potential donors to show exactly where that money is going and all the good it does and will continue to do.
  • Make sure your fundraisers are accessible to online donors. Peer-to-peer fundraising is fantastic – and even more successful if an online Donation Page can be easily shared with friends, family and colleagues. Donator digital fundraising tools can help increase your digital donation accessibility with a ‘Donate Now’ button on your website as well as a branded Online Donation Page so your donors know they are in the right place. `
  • Animals hold a unique place in people’s hearts. Share your success stories and cute pictures of the animals you help to connect to your donors and potential supporters. Who can resist a pair of puppy dog eyes?
  • Remember that monetary donations aren’t the only way people can help your cause and get involved. Volunteers are hugely important to animal charities and good causes. We can’t think of a much better way for someone to spend their spare time!
  • Utilise visitor heavy traffic areas by offering opportunities to fundraise with Donater Smart Stickers and QR Codes. Donors can simply tap their Smartphone or scan the QR code and be taken straight to your online Donation Page where they can donate quickly and simply using Google Pay or Apple Pay. 

Which animal fundraiser is your favourite? We’d love to see pictures of how you got pets involved in your fundraising efforts! You can tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your photos and fundraising stories.

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