Santa Sleigh 2021

Charity Santa Sleigh Fundraising Digitally with QR Codes

Our CEO once again donned the big red suit this week, helping to raise money and bring in donations as Santa Claus himself.

Is it any wonder that here at Donater, we’re all a bit Christmas mad?

The key idea that underpins Donater fundraising technology was born at this festive time of year, hence why there is a definite spirit of Christmas at the heart of everything we do all year round.

Donater’s Very Own Santa

Our CEO Steve is a member of Winchester Round Table and was an integral part of the creation of Winchester Santa Sleigh. Every Christmas their brave volunteers wrap up against the weather to raise money for local charities and causes. 

In return for a bit of festive cheer and Christmas magic, families can choose to make a donation to a cause local to their housing estate – From charities to school funds. It brings about a wonderful sense of community across the whole city.  

But with the decline of cash, further catalysed by the pandemic, it was obvious that the Santa Sleigh needed the means to accept digital donations. 

Having run a successful local digital business in the city for over 12 years, Steve quickly identified this need for digital fundraising tools to be more readily accessible to charities and good causes. 

So not only did Steve don his Santa hat for numerous rounds of Winchester estates as the big man in red himself, he also developed a way for the sleigh to raise even more money – Digitally.

Here at Donater, we offer a suite of fundraising tools, from online donation platforms to Smart Stickers. Our NFC tags and QR codes mean that people can donate on-the-go via their smartphones using Google Pay, Apple Pay or bank details. The perfect addition to any charity Santa Sleigh! 

Christmas Fundraising in the Community with Donater Digital Fundraising Tools

In recent years, we’ve seen our Donater fundraising technology be used for various Christmas fundraising initiatives. 

Winchester BID have utilised our Donater QR code technology to raise money for homelessness charities in the city. Their Donater QR code stood proudly on one of the sponsor boards next to the city’s Christmas tree so that passers-by could use their smartphones to donate directly to the Spare Change for Lasting Change project whilst passing through. These QR codes can also be found on numerous donation boxes around the city centre to make donating accessible to all – Not just those who happen to have cash.

Of course, as we’ve mentioned already, Winchester Round Table’s Santa Sleigh have also used a Donater QR code as well as utilising a Donate Now button on their website. 

A little way down the road, Basingstoke Round Table are also using Donater’s suite of digital fundraising tools to raise money over the festive period with their Santa Sleigh.

Santa Sleighs from Exeter Round Table Christmas Float, Sheffield Round Table Santa Sleigh, Saffron Walden Round Table and Vale of Evesham Santa Sleigh have also joined the ranks of digital fundraising at Christmas.

Contactless Fundraising at Christmas

We continue to be inspired by people’s tenacity and innovation when it comes to fundraising – Especially when times are so hard. We love to see charities and good causes embracing new ways of taking donations and we’ve seen first hand how QR codes can make a difference. 

In recent times, we’ve seen how important contactless payments and cashless donations have become. It’s not just ‘handy to have’ – It’s become an expectation from donors to have this option. 

Santa’s helpful fundraising elves are able to run up and knock on doors, invite families outside to see Santa and his sleigh, and ask for donations with an easy to scan QR code. Not only does this mean your fundraisers don’t have to carry a mobile payment device or worry about battery life draining mid-event, it means the control is in the donors hands. With pre-determined choices for donation amounts, you might even find that you raise more money!

You can also collect data and invite donors to become regular gift givers to your worthy cause.

We get so much joy from seeing Donater digital fundraising tools in action at such a magical time of year.

The jingling of coins in buckets might not be joining the bells on Santa’s charity sleighs, but at least charities are safe in the knowledge that those fundraising pots are still filling up, digitally. 

If you would like to see how Donater’s suite of digital fundraising and online tools could help your charity or good cause raise vital funds this Christmas and beyond, head to our website.

Or if you prefer, give us a call directly and we would happily go through how our digital fundraising tools could work for you – Get in touch now.

01962 670190 / [email protected]

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