Is Tap-To-Donate Software The Solution to Cash Crisis in Schools?

This week it’s back to school! Parents everywhere have spent a fortune on new school shoes, uniform, bags and pencil cases for their children.

But it’s not just parents that are feeling the pinch. We’ve likely all read about Headteachers cleaning toilets and teachers buying their classes pencils and glue sticks out of their own pocket. Schools across the UK have been hit by a funding crisis for a considerable amount of time now.

Could tap-to-donate software be part of the solution to this money problem within our education system?

A school in a financial crisis puts additional strain on Parent and Teacher Associations, with fundraising activities becoming even more vital to pay for necessities like printing rather than all the fun stuff like ice lollies on Sports Day.

But when there are only so many events you can fit into an academic year there is a limit to what the PTA can do. Or is there?

That’s Where Tap-to-Donate Software Comes In

With the development of contactless donation software, raising money is getting easier for fundraisers and more accessible to those wishing to make donations.

The solutions we’ve built and continue to develop here at Donater help solve some of the fundraising problems faced by schools as well as other organisations that rely on fundraising, through technology, tap to donate solutions and online dashboards.

Lots of schools across the country have embraced Tap-to-Donate software to help boost funds. Is your school one of them?

Smart Stickers and QR Codes

With our Smart Stickers (complete with NFC tags) and QR codes, an online donation can be made easily almost anywhere! They can be attached to cash collection buckets, t-shirts, lanyards, windows…

It’s almost limitless! Donors can simply tap their smartphone on the NFC tag or scan the QR code, where they will be taken to an online donation page where they can make a payment using Apple Pay or Google Pay. It’s so simple!

This is a straightforward, cost effective way to make donating more accessible at all school events, thus boosting vital funds.

You Don’t Need a Set Event to Fundraise

It wouldn’t need to just be at school events; A contactless donation point could be plugged in and set up in the school reception or other areas of high foot traffic, so anyone popping in to the office to check a date or complete some paperwork could easily tap their card on their way in or out and donate a set amount pre-decided by the school.

Imagine how much extra money could be raised for the school with a few quid being donated here and there by people calling in the office.

You could also have contactless donation points set up on the way in to school events like fetes, coffee mornings or entertainment evenings.

Even Parents Evening or Sports Day could have them stationed at the door!

Go Digital With Online Fundraising for Your PTA

Digital fundraising is easy to integrate with Donater, using our suite of online fundraising tools:

A dedicated online fundraising page, personalised to your school PTA. Supporters will immediately recognise your branding and thus, trust that they are in the right place to make a donation. Online fundraising pages are easy to share online via a handy link, and can be easily linked to your website with a ‘Donate Now’ button.

QR codes. You’ll know how quick and easy it is to scan one with your smartphone. QR codes can be just as handy for taking donations. All your supporter has to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone, and it will take them to an online donation page. Once there, they can choose to donate with a tap via Google Pay or Apple Pay, or pay with their bank details. QR codes are a great addition to any physical marketing about your event, such as posters or newsletters as well as transforming a traditional donation box into a mobile way of taking digital donations.

NFC Tags. Our NFC tags take the above QR code concept a step further, and enable any supporter of yours with an NFC enabled smartphone to merely tap the tag or sticker. They will then be taken to an online donation page where they can make their donation quickly and simply. These work better with in-person events, but could easily be placed at the entrance to your charity or on collection boxes so visitors can donate to your cause if they wish.

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For more great ideas on how to fundraise for your school PTA, have a scroll through our blog for lots of fundraising ideas and tips.

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