Fundraising Ideas for World Friendship Day

The 30th July is World Friendship Day, also known as the International Day of Friendship.

The idea originated from Hallmark cards back in the 1930’s but did not take off in Europe or the US. In Asia however, some countries honoured friendship by celebrating and exchanging gifts on certain day, which became a popular custom.  

Then in 1958, the World Friendship Crusade proposed the 30th July as the first official World Friendship Day, fostering a culture of peace through friendship. Then, more than half a century later, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30th as International Day of Friendship. 

Now, with the prevalence of social media across the globe, World Friendship Day (or the International Day of Friendship as it’s known to some) has seen a boost in popularity online as well as many communities who use it as a wonderful way to bring those of different backgrounds together. 

So with that in mind, here are some fundraising ideas that would lend themselves well to World Friendship Day. 

World Friendship Day Fundraising Ideas

Bake Sale

How better to tell someone you care about them than with cake?! We know we include Bake Sales in almost every fundraising list we make, but they really are so versatile as well as effective at bringing in the money. 

You could even host it as a baking competition, with entrants dedicating their baking masterpiece to a friend. 

Friendship Bracelets

Make and sell friendship bracelets – From loom bands for the younger ones to handcrafted braided thread bracelets. You could even add in charms! 

‘Tea and Chat’ Events

Hosting events like a ‘Chat-tea Cafe’ are a great way to help people who are lonely to reach a wider community of people and perhaps make some new friends. 

Charge a minimal amount (so that price isn’t a barrier) for entry and tea / coffee / cake / biscuits and you can raise a bit of money for your cause as well as nurturing new friendships in your local community for those who might need it most. 

Donate the Price of a Coffee in Their Honour

You know that daily coffee you always get on the way to work? Why not donate the equivalent amount to a particular cause that’s close to a friend’s heart? Perhaps a charity that has helped them or a loved one, or a local cause set up in their name. 

Share this act of kindness online and encourage others to do the same, in honour of a friend of theirs, and create a chain reaction of giving. 

Host a Book Club

A love of reading is another great way to foster friendships. Sharing a book with friends – Be it dissecting the plot over a cup of coffee or gushing over the main protagonist mid-biscuit – Is a great way to build and maintain friendships. 

You could host your own book club, charging a small fee to come along plus refreshments, with the proceeds going to a local charity of good cause. 

A Walk and a Witter

What could be more ideal than camaraderie, light exercise and a bit of fresh air? Making it into a fundraising event! Similar to the above ‘chat-tea cafe’, providing a place for people to meet and chat can really be a lifeline. Some may prefer the coffee and biscuits, some may prefer more outdoor pursuits by coupling the friendly chat with a spot of gentle exercise and fresh air. 

On a fortnightly or monthly basis, you could set up an amateur-friendly ramble, inviting single people to come along and make friends whilst exploring the local area. Charge a small fee for a map and perhaps invite attendees to join a private Facebook Group or WhatsApp Chat where members can stay in touch between walks. 

Auction of Services

If you are a charity or good cause operating in a specific area, a great way of bringing your community together could be a ‘services’ auction. 

Ask businesses in your locale to donate a service for free – Perhaps a hairdressers, a nail salon or a spa hotel to offer some relaxing treats. 

Or maybe something to help in the home – Maybe ironing services, gardeners, handyman or a decorator to help with those jobs that keep getting put off.

People can then bid an amount for the service they like the look of – Or could bid for it on behalf of a friend, to gift them a service that could help them in a time of need. 

Clothes Swap

Get your friends together over a glass of fizz, and bring all the clothes that you no longer wear or that don’t fit you anymore. See if anything takes your friends fancy and swap! 

Anything that gets left unclaimed at the end of the evening can be sold on Vinted or another pre-loved selling site, with the proceeds going to a chosen charity that means something to your group. 

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