Coronation Themed Fundraising Ideas

Whether you’re excited for the new King’s coronation, or just happy you’re getting an extra day off work, it’s still a great excuse for a bit of royally good fundraising! 

Here are some ideas fit for a King to get your started. 

Portrait Competition

Did you know that an official artist is commissioned for the coronation to document the occasion with a portrait of the new King or Queen? Host your own portrait competition where entrees create their own image of themselves as a royal. It could be a serious portrait, or it could be as wacky as you can make it!

You could have different categories, different art mediums and different age ranges with prizes for the winners! And don’t forget to ask people to share their entries on social media, tagging your page! It’s all good exposure and helps you to reach a new realm of potential supporters and donors. 

The finished portraits could even be printed onto cards, mugs or tea towels – Perfect for PTA fundraising!

Coronation Cuisine Competition

Did you know that the dish Coronation Chicken (made from chicken in a creamy curry sauce served with rice, salad, peas and herbs) was first invented to serve to guests from other nations at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Challenge your supporters to create a menu fit for a monarch with their own coronation cuisine. Award a prize for the winner, considering the tastiest dish, the best regal names and overall presentation. 

Coronation Themed Charity Flag

With the coronation of King Charles, comes a new personal flag that will be flown anywhere he is staying, including buildings, ships and aircraft. He will also have a new monogram from the College of Arms. 

Challenge your supporters to design a coronation themed flag or monogram for your charity or good cause to be made into bunting for the big event. 

You could charge a small fee for people to enter, with their design being printed and shared to all your followers. You could even sell the winning bunting for people to use at their own street parties. 

Sponsored Commute Swap – Walk / Cycle

The new King is committed and focused on initiatives to look after the environment, so swapping the daily commute via car for walking or cycling is a great way to reduce emissions. 

Ask friends, family and colleagues for sponsorships to reward your efforts, with all the proceeds going to charity. How long can you keep it going?

Host a Royal Ball (Or Disco) 

Get down for a right royal boogie with an evening filled with music – All with a royal twist! Any song or artist with words like royal, prince, king or queen in them. We can think of loads! 

Sell tickets and encourage fancy dress – The more royal the better! A room full of royals are bound to raise a lot of funds! 

Bonny Bake Off

Apparently King Charles’ favourite cake is a fruit cake! You learn something new every day. 

Why not host a Bake Off where your supporters bake a cake fit for a King? Charge a small fee to enter, with a prize for the winner. 

You can then sell off the cakes after the competition and raise even more money.

Coronation Coffee Morning 

Ask your supporters to host a Coronation themed coffee morning – Perhaps even whilst watching the coronation itself! 

Gather friends and family, share cake and coffee and raise money for your charitable cause. 

Coronation Themed ‘Swear’ Jar

Spend the coronation weekend dropping coins in a jar every time you mention certain royal themed words. For example, if you say royal, King, Queen, Charles, Camilla, Coronation, gold carriage, crown over the course of the weekend you have to drop a 50p in the jar. 

At the end of the weekend, the jar of coins can be donated to charity! 

Coronation Fundraisers for Kids

Most of the fundraisers above are child-friendly. But how about creating and selling a Coronation Craft Kit full of fun things for the children to do over the weekend? We’re thinking bunting making, decorating crowns, making cakes or biscuits, playing dress up. 

Fundraise Digitally With Donater

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Image Credit: With thanks for the photo of London to Chris Boland, photographer and videographer.

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