Fundraisers for National Pet Month

Did you know that April is National Pet Month? 

The aim is raise awareness of responsible pet ownership – You can check out the educational campaigns and resources here. It’s also a celebration of all things pets – After all, they’re so much more than just a pet, they’re a member of the family and a cherished companion. 

Obviously, much like the slogan ‘a dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ – The messages around good pet ownership are important all year round, not just during their April awareness month.

But April is as good a time as any to get fundraising and maybe raise some funds for some of the phenomenal charities around the UK that support unwanted animals, help to pay vet bills and help make sure that pets are looked after and in good homes. 

So let’s look at some fundraising ideas that involve our much loved pets. 

Fundraising Ideas with Pets

Here are our top fundraising ideas that let you have fun with your pets whilst raising money for a charity close to your heart. 

Dog Agility Competition

Just for fun! Set up a fun dog agility course in your local area and invite people to bring their pet along to have a go, for a small fee to take part. Ask local businesses to donate a prize – Perhaps a gift voucher for a local restaurant or service! If you are organising for your own charity, remember to use this opportunity to raise awareness of your charity or cause.

Pet Photography Competition

We all know how photogenic our pets can be. Who’s got a whole reel of photos of their dog looking adorable or cat up to all kinds of mischief? Ask for a small fee to enter and make sure the prizes are good! Perhaps have different categories – Most Handsome, Funniest, Naughtiest etc. 

Remember to encourage entrees to share on social media platforms, tagging in the charity. It’s a great chance to reach a wider audience and engage potential new supporters. 

Terrific Tricks Talent Show

Everyone loves a talent show – Especially when it involves animals! What’s your pets best trick? Catch it on video as part of a virtual Talent Show online via social media – Live streamed or via recorded clips. Or host it in real where the audience can really be a part of the fun. 

Sponsored Walks

Now that the weather seems to be warming up a bit and the sun is peeping out for longer, there’s no excuse not to don those wellies and get out and about in the fresh air. 

Perhaps there are some countryside walks in your local area – Devise a route, sell the map for a small fee, and invite locals and supporters to join a group ramble with their dogs. 

You could even make it a weekly thing!

‘Name the Pet’ Competition

Get the kids involved with some super cute furry friends – Of the cuddly toy variety! For a small entry fee, invite people to name the various cuddly animals with the best names winning the toy! 

Coffee Morning – Pets Invited!

Would it even be a list of fundraisers if we didn’t include some kind of coffee morning? Invite your friends with their furry plus ones for a coffee, slice of cake and a catch up. Don’t forget to encourage them to make a donation to your charity! 

Donate Your Skills – Pet Edition

Ask your local pet groomers if they would consider donating their time one weekend to run a pop-up shop for your charitable cause. People can bring their pets along for a clip and comb for a subsidised price, with all the proceeds going to charity. 

Alternatively, you could ask them to donate a percentage of their profits for the month of April to go to charity in celebration of National Pet Month. 

How Will You Fundraise?

How will you fundraise this National Pet Month? We’d love to hear your favourite fundraisers to do with your beloved pets! You can tag us on Instagram or Facebook

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