Fundraising Ideas for Lent

Give Up – And Give!

Lent is just around the corner, and we wanted to share some of our favourite family-friendly fundraisers to help get you through the next 40 days whilst making some money for charity. 

Fundraising Through Lent – A Time for Giving As Well as Giving Up?

We’re gobbling our pancakes and thinking up what we can give up for Lent. If you’re struggling to think of something to give up this year, then why not Give instead of Give Up? 

We love the idea of focusing on giving to others instead of giving something up this Lent. Not only is this a great alternative to shunning the sugar or avoiding alcohol, it’s also a great opportunity to teach younger members of the family the amazing gift of giving to others.  

Don’t forget that our children are the next generation of donors. Let’s set an amazing example to go forth with and show them how fun and worthwhile it is to raise money for charity!

Here are our Top Ten Family- Friendly Fundraising Ideas 

  1. Dressing Up Day – This couldn’t be any better timed! If you’re a parent, then chances are you already know that World Book Day is fast approaching (Thursday 2nd March – Or maybe I’ve just reminded you…) Dig out an old costume from the cupboard and ask your family and friends to sponsor your child, making donations to a charity of your choice.
  2. Read-a-thon – Nowadays children and adults alike spend a lot of time screens – Maybe too much time! So why not set a good example and swap the screen for a story. Sponsor your child to read a book(s) of their choice, you do the same, and then donate the money to charity – We just know they would be so grateful for any monetary gifts, big or small. How many books can you get through during Lent?
  3. Sponsored Walk / Run / Cycle – Between the frosts we’ve had some lovely sunshine and a few warmer days hinting that Spring is just around the corner. You could encourage your family to join in with a sponsored walk, run or cycle where they have to meet a certain distance or number of steps each day for a week, month or the whole of Lent!). Who knows, it might spur your whole family to do some exercise together – And what better way to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and the double-digit temperatures we’ve been having!
  4. Talent Show – Got a talented guitarist in your midst, or a budding young singer? If your children are musically gifted then why not give your family and friends the gift of their talent? They can pay for a ticket and you can donate the money to a chosen charity. Your children will feel so proud, and it’s a great excuse for a get together during Lent (or any time of year!).
  5. Easter Egg Hunt – Do you live in a village or close-knit community? Why not organise an Easter Egg Hunt or Trail for all of the local children? Set up a trail of clues and ask local residents to pay a small donation for a map taking them around the trail. Proceeds all go to a charity close to your community’s heart!
  6. Give Something Up – I know we said that Lent could be more about giving than giving-up. But we also know that for many families, Lent is an important time for getting closer to God (or just to break a habit!). If you and yourr children have decided to try and give something up, why not add an extra incentive by sponsoring their efforts? You can donate the money they raise to a charity that’s important to you or your church.
  7. Sponsored Haircut – Who loves a sponsored haircut? Maybe Dad could get out the clippers, or Mum could find her inner hairdresser. Film the event, or even stream it live on social media to friends and family, asking for a small donation to a set charity for the privilege of watching a crazy hair do in the making.
  8. Karaoke / Games Night – Hosting a Karaoke evening or Games Night with friends and family is a great excuse to get everyone together for some family-friendly fun – And a bit of rivalry too! Each attendee can make a donation – Little or large – to a chosen charity.
  9. Sponsored Silence – Family homes with children around are bound to get noisy! So why not sponsor the kids to be silent? It’s a win all round. You get a set period of time each day or week during Lent to enjoy some peace and the charity of your choice gets a gift from it too.
  10. Yoga Class – February has seemed brighter, but if the bleakness of January is still nipping at your ankles and you’re finding that emotions are running high, why not approach a local yoga teacher and see if they would donate an hour per week during Lent to hold a family-friendly yoga class? You could do it in person at a local hall or online via Zoom. Each family that attends makes a donation to a chosen charity and you can enjoy a new hobby and a bit of zen throughout Lent and beyond. 

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration of a challenge or two you could enjoy with your families during Lent. 

We’d love to hear your ideas of how you’re swapping Giving Up for Giving this Lent – Show us your fundraising efforts! Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us!

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