Turn Failing NY Resolutions into Fundraising Opportunities

We’re mid-way through January and all those great new year’s resolutions are starting to feel less shiny. The novelty is wearing off and the motivation is starting to dip.

So what better motivation to keep us going than a bit of fundraising? Failing New Year’s Resolutions are a brilliant opportunity to raise money whilst giving us a bit of accountability and incentive. 

Turn These Top 5 New Year Resolutions Into Fundraising Ideas

  1. Walk / Jog / Run

    How many people have started the new year off with a regular run but are now finding it a bit tedious? Ask your friends and family to sponsor your efforts to keep going for a set time period – Perhaps at least one more month!

  2. Dry January

    Another popular New Year Resolution is to give up alcohol for January. Perhaps you’re finding it a bit tough or maybe you’ve found it surprisingly straightforward! Either way, why not encourage your friends and colleagues to sponsor you to keep going. You could even share your newly found soft drink recipes to inspire others to join you!

  3. Stop Smoking

    Whilst we’re on the subject of quitting, one of the top ten New Year Resolutions is to stop smoking. It’s a big one – And one that your friends, family and even colleagues are likely to get behind you on. So why not get them to really incentivise you to stop by asking for sponsorship money for every week you manage to stay off the cigarettes?

  4. Healthy Eating

    Many people want to start the year feeling a bit healthier after the excess of the festive period – A fortnight of constant eating and drinking can make you feel a bit sluggish! If you can feel the call of a takeaway then switch it up – Encourage sponsorships for your efforts to keep on the health kick and share your favourite healthy recipes on social media. Plus, the money you save on takeaway food could even be donated to your chosen cause.

  5. New Hobby

    It’s so important to find some work-life balance – And a new hobby is a great way of doing that! There are literally limitless possibilities – Perhaps it’ll be painting, or gardening, a new exercise class like yoga or sewing. These types of New Year Resolution are easy to track progress on which makes it a great opportunity to share with friends, family and followers to encourage donations! Plus, if it’s a creative pursuit you could even try and sell some of what you make with the proceeds going to your charity.

TOP TIP: Make it measurable. Don’t just say ‘Oh I’ll go on more walks’ – Specify which days of the week you’re going to commit to walking or how many times per week you plan to go. This goes for any of the above – Make it quantifiable and set yourself clear targets to work towards – That way it’s easier to stay accountable and share your success! 

Go Digital

Will 2023 be the year you take your fundraising online? If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to take the plunge. The past few years have highlighted the need for resilience and innovative thinking in tough situations – Including charities and good causes.

Online tools have been a lifeline for all sorts of businesses and charitable organisations, not just during Covid but in the months and years that have followed.

There are many online fundraising tools at your disposal. To learn more about how Donater’s suite of online fundraising tools could help your charity to boost donations, get in touch with us today. 

You can also find plenty of online fundraising ideas over on our blog!

Will you be turning a failing New Year’s Resolution into a fundraiser? We’d love to hear how! Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in your posts and stories.

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