Tap to Donate Tech For Hire – Coming Soon in 2023

It’s that time of year when we look back at the year we’ve had, and contemplate what next year might bring.

We have had the fortunate opportunity to work with so many amazing charities this year – From loyal supporters who have used our technology since the beginning, to new faces and causes who have let Donater help them take their first steps into digital fundraising.

Here at Donater we want to say a big thank you to every charity that has chosen Donater to help them fundraise digitally during 2022. 

A huge thank you also goes to everyone who has used Donater digital fundraising technology to make a donation to the fantastic charities we’ve had the privilege to work with throughout this year.

It’s not always easy for a charitable organisation to take a step into the unknown, but going digital with your fundraising is undoubtedly worth the leap. Every tap of a Donater NFC tag or scan of a Donater QR code has brought vital funds to very worthwhile causes. It’s been a joy to see how contactless fundraising can make such a difference to those in need.

Updated Fundraising Tech Coming Soon for 2021

Working so closely with charities, many of them beginning their digital fundraising journey, gives us a unique insight into what these charities need most in order to succeed. 

As cash continues to decline, we’ve seen the continued need for Tap to Donate technology. Tap to Donate is often constrained by the need to have a phone connected to the payment device. This often has to be a high-end phone and set up with a strong 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Previously, we’ve offered our NFC Tags and QR Codes to help charities fundraise faster digitally. Now, we are thrilled to announce our new Tap-to-Give hardware – Giving you a card reader that directly connects to Wi-Fi. This will save you the cost and technical hassle of a phone which can often go wrong.

The battery life of each Tap-to-Give device has so far been tested at around 8 hours. This makes them perfect for events where there’s Wi-Fi available, both inside and outside.

Fundraising Flexibility

These handy devices can be constantly ready to receive a simple credit or debit card tap, either pre-programmed with a fixed amount or controlled by a remote payment device.

The large touch-screen on each device can be programmed with an effective and engaging, personalised splash screen to encourage donations from those passing.

You can see the status of each machine through our upgraded Donater portal at a glance (something you can’t do with the phone-based devices). This means you can easily see on our portal where each donation came from – logged to the individual machine with date, time and location.

Regularly sell individual items? These Tap to Donate machines can also be programmed to work at events where you are selling these items – All controlled through the Donater web interface. That means an app or phone is no longer required!

When Can I Get One? 

After initial charitable beta-testing, we are planning to make these available to hire to ensure that all good causes can benefit from this Tap to Donate technology. 

Part of Donater’s core mission is evolving to make fundraising easier, smarter and data-driven.

We can’t wait to bring this digital fundraising tool to charities big and small in 2023. 

For more information or to get in touch, visit our website or drop us an email today. 

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