International Day of Charity – 5th September

This Friday, 5th September, is the International Day of Charity. But what is it and how it is celebrated?

Thankfully, there are plenty of people that make charitable donations, think selflessly and give their time to help those in need. But there’s always room for more altruism – And the International Day of Charity is a day to remind people just how important charity work is and how vital their support can be. 

There’s nothing quite like doing a good deed to boost the spirit. You’re only human! Random acts of kindness, helping those in need, donating to a charity close to your heart – All of these things not only make you feel good, but they help vital work to continue for those that need it most. 

How did the International Day of Charity begin?

All charity work begins with raising awareness, appealing to people’s empathic nature and mobilising them to help in some way. This is the primary objective of the International Day of Charity – To help others across the world through voluntary and philanthropic activities.

But why the 5th September? This special date was chosen as it commemorates the death of Mother Teresa, a truly selfless person who devoted her life to helping those in need, and indeed being awarded the Nobel peace Prize for her work towards tackling poverty. 

Mother Teresa is recognised across the world as a nun and missionary who truly devoted herself to helping and supporting the poor and dying. She was dedicated to her cause for over 45 years by not only helping hands-on those who were poor or ill, but also leading the Missionaries of Charity. No one is as acclaimed as Mother Teresa when it comes to helping those in need. 

The role charity has in helping to alleviate crises and human suffering in general is enormous. The work undertaken by charitable organisations is vital and that comes down to the individuals who choose to come out and support them – Either with monetary support, volunteering their time or raising awareness. 

So, in recognition of both the important role that charity takes and the incredible legacy of Mother Teresa, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s death as the International Day of Charity. This has been an annual celebration of charity work since 2012 and continues year on year to provide a platform for all charity related activities across the globe. 

How is International Day of Charity celebrated?

On the 5th Spetember, everyone – From specific organisations and businesses to citizens and members of the UN  – Are encouraged to contribute to charitable efforts in any way possible. Whether that is financial donations, raising awareness or volunteering time. 

Charity work is so vital to our communities, and this day is the perfect chance to really bring charity into the forefront of people’s minds. Not only that, but to show people how easily they can give their time, money or support to a cause that they care about. 

How can my charitable cause get involved in the International Day of Charity?

Across the world, communities are experiencing all kinds of things that rely on the donations of others – From natural disasters and poverty to animal welfare and community causes. 

Charitable organisations depend on their supporters not only to make monetary donations but all help to raise awareness of the cause they are devoted to helping. 

The International Day of Charity is an excellent opportunity to encourage your supporters – and potential donors – To give to your cause or share your efforts with friends and family to bring your charitable cause to a wider audience. 

From cake sales to coffee mornings, running a marathon to sponsored swims – We have a plethora of fundraising ideas on our blog. Click through and see what fundraising ideas could work for you and your charitable cause. 

Go Digital

If you’ve yet to take your charity fundraising to a digital level, then what better day than the International Day of Charity? Get in touch with us here at Donator and see how we can help you fundraise online. We’re passionate about helping charities and not for profits – Big and small – to use digital tools to boost their fundraising. 

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