Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs 

As one season comes to an end, another one begins. Cricketers across the UK might be bowling their last overs whilst the footballers clean off their boots. But the work of a sports club never stops – There are always things to organise and money to raise. 

Fundraising itself is a bit like a sports match. It requires forethought, planning and ambition. It also needs resilience, commitment and the ability to keep going when times get tough.

Many sports clubs and organisations rely on fundraising events to boost their funds. It’s not just about bringing your supporters together to cheer on the teams – It’s about encouraging their financial support and commitment to your cause too. 

Fundraising is vital for any not-for-profit. But it doesn’t need to be austere or super formal. The great thing that sports clubs already have is that feeling of community and camaraderie – So it shouldn’t be too difficult to bring everyone together to raise money and have fun!  

It’s more than likely that your group of supporters will have creative, entrepreneurial spirits just waiting to get their teeth into a fundraising project for a club they care so much about. PLus, bringing together families, friends, fans and followers opens up the opportunity to build a new, wider network of potential supporters. 

Local journalists also love a good fundraiser in their community – And the free press could do wonders for your organisation as well as your fundraising pot. Remember that fundraising isn’t just about raising money, but raising awareness of your cause too. 

So whether you are a seasoned fundraiser looking for a few extra ideas, or new to the world of fundraising and looking for a place to start – Here are some suggestions for fundraisers perfect for sports clubs and organisations. 

Sports Club Fundraising Ideas

Family Fun Day

An oldie but a goodie. Family fun days are ideal fundraisers for sports organisations as you have a ready-made group of attendees who will be there in a flash! Think obstacle courses, zorbing, penalty shoot outs, 6-a-side matches, BBq, drinks stall… the list is endless for this one! 

Community Service

You are bound to have a wide range of expertise among your supporters. A great way of raising money is auctioning off their skills and services to the highest bidder! They could be anything from gardening, photography or web design, to tutoring, babysitting or dog walking. 

You could also encourage your members to carry out a service in your community for sponsorship money – Perhaps litter picking in your local park! 

Guided Walk

We’re sure that the local vicinity to your sports club will have some places of natural beauty – Think forests, hills and rivers. Is there someone within your organisation that could lead a guided walk in one of these places? Charge a small fee and make it a day out with a communal picnic. 

10,000 Step Challenge

Encouraging your supporters to take part in a club wide 10,000 step challenge for a month is a great way of garnering sponsorships from further afield as well as creating some friendly rivalry! Who achieved the most steps overall? Who will earn the most in sponsorship money? You could even award prizes for even more motivation! 

Custom Water Bottles

Water Bottles branded to your sports club are a great way to raise awareness as well as earning a few extra pounds. Your club members and teams are bound to want one! Find a company that will agree a wholesale price to leave room to make a bit of profit without having to charge lots to your club members. 

Healthy Eating Class

Being a sports club you’re bound to have some nutritionists or nutrition trained PT’s in your midst. Why not ask if they’ll donate their time and hold a masterclass in healthy eating for your supporters? Charge a fee to attend, put on some healthy snacks and drinks and enjoy an evening getting together to learn the fundamentals to a healthy diet. 

Seedling Sale

Although this requires a bit of effort and prior planning, for the green-fingered among your club it’s very simple. Time this in with the seasons, plant some seedlings for vegetables and flowers and then sell the young plants at some of your games. Growing your own has seen a surge in popularity recently, people won’t be able to resist a baby tomato plant to take home! 

Bake Off

Everyone needs a cheat day now and then! A bake sale is an easy way of asking your supporters to make a donation without it needing to be financial. You could have a competition with a small entry fee for the budding Bake-Off stars, and for the rest ask for cakes and biscuits for a stall at your next sports match. You’ll be surprised how a few cookies and cupcakes can turn into hundreds of pounds for your club! 

Fundraise Digitally With Donater

Donater are passionate about bringing easy-to-use technology to small and large charities, helping them to fundraise fast online. Our online fundraising tools are easy to integrate and enable you to raise money digitally using Apple Pay, Google Pay and bank transfer. 

Online Fundraising Page

An online fundraising page with Donater enables your sports club to raise money online easily and quickly. It can be branded to your colours so that your supporters trust they are sending their money to the right place. Links can be easily shared by text, email and on social media platforms. 

Donate Now Button

Link your online fundraising page to your website with our Donate Now button on your website. Supports who visit your webpage will see the Donate Now button and feel secure in the knowledge that any donation they make via that link will go to the club the care so much about. 

QR Codes and Mobile Payments

Our QR code technology means that supporters can access your online fundraising page simply by scanning a code on their smartphone. They can then make their donation via Apple Pay or Google Pay within seconds, or choose to enter their bank details. QR codes can be added to newsletters, club merchandise – Even on the kit itself!

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We’d love to help you get you into the digital fundraising game!  

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