Summer Holiday Fundraisers for Families

School is out for Summer, and parents all over the UK are wondering what they’re going to do to entertain the children for 6 weeks. 

How about a fundraiser? There are lots of great challenges and activities you can do to engage families, keep little ones busy and raise money at the same time! 

Don’t forget that children are the next generation of donors. Let’s set an amazing example and show them how fun and worthwhile it is to raise money for charity!

So here are our top fundraisers that are Summer holiday friendly!

  1. Dressing Up Day – Kids love to dress up! You could make it a theme or just random. Dig out an old costume from the cupboard and ask your family and friends to sponsor your child, making donations to a charity of your choice.

  2. Read-a-thon – We know the Summer holidays are a bit of a juggle, and maybe you’re leaning on screen time more than you would like. So how about swapping the screen for a story? Sponsor your child to read a book(s) of their choice, and then donate the money to charity – We just know they would be so grateful for any monetary gifts, big or small. This could coincide with the Summer Reading Challenge which you can sign up for at your local library.

  3. Sponsored Walk / Run / Cycle – It’s recently been reported that only 45% children get an hour of exercise per day, prompting the government to launch the ‘10 minute shake up’ for over the Summer. You could go one step further and encourage your children to do a sponsored walk, run or cycle where they have to meet a certain distance or number of steps each day for a week (or month!). Who knows, it might spur your whole family to do some exercise together – And what better way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine too!

  4. Daily Exercise Challenge – Leading on from the above, if a set walk, run or cycle isn’t for you, what about a shorter, daily challenge? Set the children a challenge to complete each day, such as a kids yoga session on YouTube, or PE with Joe Wicks. For every day they complete it, they get sponsorship money for a charity close to your heart.

  5. Virtual Concert – Got a talented guitarist in your midst, or a budding young singer? If your children are musically gifted then why not give your family and friends the gift of a concert live from your living room. If not in person, then maybe virtually via Zoom! They can pay for an ticket and you can donate the money to a chosen charity. Your children will feel so proud, and your family will love it!

  6. Karaoke / Games Night – After working so hard for the first full school year we’ve had in a while, why not reward your children with a fun evening with friends and family. All parents know what a treat a late night can be! Each person can make a donation for a song to sing or to enter a game, with all the proceeds going to charity. 

  7. Sponsored Silence – Okay, this one is for the parents. We all know that it can get a bit much sometimes during the Summer holidays! Why not give the kids a real challenge and get them to do a sponsored silence! We’re sure that the rest of the family will get involved in the sponsorship for the sake of your sanity. It’s a win all round! You get an hour of peace each day and the charity of your choice gets a gift from it too.

  8. Cinema Night – Host your own cinema night for friends or family! Pick a family favourite movie and invite some friends or family members over. Ask for donations in the way of tickets, or charge a small amount for pre-made sweets and popcorn! All the proceeds can go to your favourite cause.

  9. Summer Sleep Out – This one is great for families, especially if you haven’t managed to get away on holiday. If you’ve got a big enough garden, then get as many family members or friends involved as possible! Grab your tent and sleeping bags and enjoy toasting marshmallows over an open fire (or throwaway BBQ…).

  10. World Record Attempt – You might be thinking this is a bit achievable, but you’d be surprised! There are plenty of silly yet doable challenges that you could try. Who wouldn’t sponsor their friends or family trying a world record attempt?

The 6 weeks of the Summer holidays can seem like a lot when stretched out in front of you. But with a few of these ideas, we hope we inspire you to challenge your children and raise money whilst having lots of summer fun! 

We’d love to hear your ideas and see your fundraising efforts! Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us!

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