Summer Fete Fundraising Ideas

It’s that time of year – There’s glimpses of sunshine and warmer weather and minds turn to summer fun. School PTA’s around the UK are in full swing, organising their school Summer Fete to raise vital funds for their school. Summer Fairs are often the most popular and most successful event of the school fundraising calendar. 

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been able to enjoy a proper school fair type event, what with the pandemic pressing pause on so many in-person fundraising events. 

So this year, there’s a lot to make up for! Summer Fetes can be a huge source of fundraising income for schools. It’s a day where the children, parents and teachers can all come together and have some fun in the sun (hopefully!). 

So let’s take a look at some of our favourite Summer Fete fundraising ideas.

Summer Fete Fundraising Ideas


Would it even be a Summer Fete if there wasn’t a raffle? The better the prizes, the more tickets you’re likely to sell. Don’t be afraid to ask local attractions and businesses to donate vouchers, tickets, services or items to your raffle. Think theme parks, gyms, hair and beauty salons. There are so many possibilities – If you don’t ask, you don’t get! 

BBQ and Bar

Probably the biggest money maker of the day! Nothing beats a burger and a beer on a sunny summer’s day – People will be queueing up for a hot dog and a cold glass of wine. 

International Food Stall

Another great idea for a food stall is an international food stall. Schools are such diverse communities, with families from all over the world. An International Food Stall is a lovely way to share bakes and dishes from all different cultures and places. 

Cake Sale

You can’t have a Summer Fete without a cake sale! Hugely popular and generally quite easy to get donations from parents, a cake stall is always a winner at these types of PTA events. 

Beat the Goalie

One for the resident PE Teacher to get involved with! When else do the children get the chance to get a goal past their teacher? 

Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos

Children can’t get enough of this – There’s always a long line at the face painting stall! 

Plant Sale

If planned well in advance, a plant stall is an easy money maker. All you need are some volunteers to start growing some seeds – Vegetables and flowers are great choices! Then you can sell the seedlings and small flowering plants at the fete with a big profit margin.

Second Hand Sales

Encourage parents to have a clear out of appropriate aged toys, clothes and school uniform that they are willing to donate to the school to sell on the day of the fete. 

Adopt a Teddy

Another super popular Summer Fete stall idea – Lots of teddy bears needing adoption! 

DIY Slime Stall

What child doesn’t like Slime? It’s also incredibly easy to make! You could get a willing volunteer to make a huge batch and sell little pots to the children for 50p or £1. 


Schools are a unique hub of talent and creativity – From school bands to dancing! The Summer Fete is a great place to show off the children’s talents to proud parents. Make sure you have an easy way of taking donations – Cash and contactless – Whilst the entertainment is happening. 

Transform Your Donation Buckets and Go Digital 

It’s pretty customary to have someone shaking donations buckets on the gate, so that as people leave the event they can donate some loose change after having had such a lovely time. 

With a Donater Smart Sticker or QR Code, you can transform your donation bucket and take your donations online. All the donor would need to do is tap the Smart Sticker or scan the QR code and they will be taken to your online donation page where they can donate as much as they like in as little as 15 seconds, via Google Pay or Apple Pay. 

Get In Touch

Here at Donater, we’re passionate about giving PTA’s and charities the tech they need to fundraise digitally in a way that’s straightforward for them and their donors. 

Take the weight off your fundraisers shoulders with mobile payment technology. We have a suite of digital fundraising tools designed with charities and the donor in mind. 

For more information, head to our website or give us a call today. And for more fundraising tips and info, follow along at @donaterapp.

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