The Queen’s Jubilee Fundraising Ideas

Are you ready to celebrate? The first weekend of June, there will be celebrations across the country for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II is the first British Monarch to celebrate this amazing feat! 

Sunday 5th June there will be a Jubilee Pageant near Buckingham Palace to celebrate this auspicious occasion. And on a weekend of such celebration and community, why not encourage your supporters to use the opportunity to fundraise for your worthy cause? 

There’s no better time for a right royal fundraising event!

Jubilee Fundraising Ideas

Host a Picnic or Afternoon Tea

Gather friends and family together for a spot of afternoon tea in the garden. Why not add to the festivities with a cracking game of croquet on the lawn? We’re getting proper Bridgerton vibes just thinking about it. Bring out the bunting! And don’t forget to ask your gracious guests to make a donation to the charity of choice. 

Organise a Street Party

Chances are you got to know your neighbours quite well over the past couple of years. Whether it was dropping groceries to an elderly neighbour, or sitting outside the front of your house on deck chairs enjoying a glass of wine on a friday evening! A street party is a great way of bringing everyone in your street together over good food and a few drinks. Ask each household to bring a main dish and desert and you’ll have a banquet fit for a queen! 

Hold an Office Bake Off

Invite employees to create a cake worthy of the Great British Bake Off – Themed with a royal twist! People pay to enter the competition and then the bakes can be sold afterwards over a good old fashioned cup of tea. All proceeds go to charity!

Dress Down Day

This one works well for schools but could be done in places of work too! Invite everyone to take part by dressing either as royalty, or in red and white and blue for the day – And donating a few pounds to charity for the pleasure. 

Queenly Quiz

How much do you know about the royal family? Hold a friendly quiz – Either in person or online – all about our Monarch and her family. Who will reign as the King or Queen of aristocratic trivia?

See a Penny, Pick it Up

Raise a royal mint for charity by picking up loose change lying around the house. We all know how much coins end up down the back of the sofa or shaken out of trousers by the washing machine. Get the whole family involved in seeking out anything with the Queen’s head on it – And then donate it to charity. 

Karaoke Queen

We all love a bit of karaoke, don’t we? Well, maybe not, but if it’s all for a good cause then even the shyest could be persuaded! Give it a Royal twist and keep the songs to things like Queen and a whole catalogue of songs keeping with the royal theme. 

Let’s Get Physical 

We couldn’t have a list of fundraisers without something to get the heart pumping! 

For Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne, you could challenge yourself to a physical exploit to celebrate. We’re thinking 70 miles on the bike, 70 lengths of the swimming pool, 70 push-ups per day, or 70km of walking in a week. All a great way to raise money via sponsorships! 

If 70 seems a bit much then why not do a Royal Mile instead? Whether that’s running, walking, cycling, or swimming a mile, it’s still a worthy way to raise money. 

You could even take it a step further and use Strava or a similar app to make a royal-themed picture on your run, walk or cycle. We’re thinking crowns or maybe even the word Jubilee!

How Can Donater Help?

Once you’ve chosen your Jubilee Fundraiser, why not set up a Donater online fundraising page to help you raise money quickly and easily online. Not only is it easy to share via WhatsApp, social media or email, it’s also really easy for your donors to make their donation without a fuss. 

You could also transform your event with a digital donation bucket – With just a QR code! Then donors would just need to scan the code with their smartphone, and they’ll be taken to an online donation page where they can donate using Google Pay or Apple Pay in a matter of seconds. 

Be crowned the King or Queen of fundraisers with one of the above right royal events! Follow along @DonaterApp for lots more fundraising ideas and tips. 

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