Bucket Shake Week 

It’s time to shake those fundraising buckets!

Friday was the beginning of Red Cross Week, and Sunday 8th was World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day – A time to shake those buckets and raise vital funds. 

After a two year hiatus, Red Cross Week is back, shaking buckets across the country and around the globe, raising money for those in need. And perhaps there hasn’t been a more important time than this, to raise money for the work the British Red Cross do. 

They support people in crisis. Over 80 million people across the world were already displaced, with a further 10 million people since the Ukraine crisis. The work they do to help these people is vital. 

That’s why this week they are encouraging their supporters to get out there and shake their buckets to raise as much money as they can, to help the Red Cross support people in crisis in the UK and overseas and reunite families that have been separated. 

During Covid they had to cancel their annual Bucket Shakes, replacing it instead with Virtual Bucket Shakes and digital collections. Now that society is getting back to normal, we can use the tech that got charities through the worst of the pandemic to support their continuing fundraising efforts. 

Going Contactless

We know that contactless payment has been on the rise for a while – But the pandemic drove the move to a cashless society even further forward at a catalytic rate. When was the last time you dropped some loose change in a bucket? Do people still even have loose change in their purse or pocket?

Organisations such as the WHO made recommendations for people to use contactless forms of payment instead of cash wherever possible. Shops requested that their customers use credit or debit cards to pay for their goods. Contactless payment limits were increased to make it easier to pay using cards or smartphones.

Mastercard collected statistics on card use with 85% of people believing it was safer to pay using contactless during Covid. People were tapping more, and putting in pins less. 

But just because people don’t have change, doesn’t mean they haven’t made donations or don’t want to give. 

Digital Donation Buckets

You might think that a fundraising bucket that doesn’t make a jangling of change when you shake it is an unsuccessful one. But actually it could be even more so!

Could unique, innovative design of donation boxes, raise more money for charity? We’re not just talking about interesting shapes and colours. A great addition to your fundraising bucket or donation box is mobile donation technology. How, might you ask? Bring your donation box into the digital age using a smart sticker like Donater’s. 

Those that hear your bucket shake and immediately lift their hands and say ‘Sorry, no change!’ could simply scan the smart sticker using their mobile phone and make their donation online.

Charities have long depended on collection boxes to collect people’s loose change. But how many potential donors have been lost because they ‘don’t have cash’ on them?

Donater Smart Stickers can transform your traditional charity boxes into digital donation boxes. The Smart Sticker gives donors 2 digital ways of donating. If they have NFC enabled on their smartphone, then all they need to do is tap it on the sticker and they will be taken to an online donation page. From here they can choose to pay quickly and easily with Apple Pay or Google Pay, or using their card details if they prefer.

Alternatively, they can use their smartphone to scan the QR code on the Smart Sticker, which will take them to the donation page as above. Simple and safe!

The bucket might not be jangling when you shake it, but you can be sure that your online donation pot will be silently filling up.

Get In Touch

Here at Donater, we’re passionate about giving charities large and small the tech they need to fundraise digitally in a way that’s straightforward for them and their donors. 

We’ve worked with local charities and know first hand how heavy a full fundraising bucket can be! Take the weight off your fundraisers shoulders with mobile payment technology. We have a suite of digital fundraising tools designed with charities and the donor in mind. 

For more information, head to our website or give us a call today. And for more fundraising tips and info, follow along at @donaterapp.

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