Charity Auction Ideas – Our Top 10 Lots

Charity Auctions – An old faithful fundraiser that usually brings in plenty of bids and donations. The better the auction items, the higher the bids! 

It is also key to know your audience! Who will be attending your event? What are these attendees going to want to bid on? Matching the auction items to your guests is the key to a successful Charity Auction. 

If you have a specific audience, for example, sports enthusiasts, or wine connoisseurs, then finding the right auction lots is a fairly easy task. 

When you have a more general guestlist, like perhaps a school PTA or large community then you might have to think a bit harder about those auction items.  

Here are 10 of our favourite auction lot ideas that give a broad range of items to appeal to a variety of people. 

10 Top Charity Auction Ideas

  1. A Meal Out for the Best Pizza* in Town

    * It doesn’t have to be pizza! Team up with a local restaurant and get them to donate an evening meal for 2 plus a beer or a bottle of wine. The more revered the restaurant, the higher the bids are likely to be! You could even have multiple lots – The best pizza, the best Thai meal, the best Indian… There are lots of possibilities!

  2. Signed Memorabilia

    This one is only good if the signature is from either a very famous person or relevant to your guestlist. Your guests not only need to know who the person is, but be desperate for a bit of signed memorabilia! A popular book signed by the author could be a good choice, an item of sports memorabilia from a famous sportsman local to your charity perhaps, or music memorabilia from a famous band or musician.

  3. Holistic Treatments

    Why not collaborate with a local holistic therapist to offer some relaxation packages? Think reflexology, massages, facials. If you can make a job lot by combining a few different treatments in one tempting package then even better!

  4. Weekend Away

    There’s not one person that couldn’t do with a weekend away from it all. And what better than a trip that’s completely organised for you! Ask a local Hotel or Air BnB Host if they could donate a weekend away for your worthy cause. The more luxurious and quirky the better! It’s bound to get the bids piling in.

  5. Tickets to Local Attractions

    Think museums, galleries, theme parks – Anything local to your cause that might be convinced to donate some tickets and even perhaps a VIP experience for your guests to bid on!

  6. Tickets to an Event

    Could you team up with a local sports team, stadium or music venue? Ask them to donate tickets to one of their matches or gigs – The bigger the team or band, the better!

  7. Private Tours

    Do you have links to a niche local business or venue? Somewhere that people would be desperate to have a sneak peek behind the scenes – A private tour just for them!

  8. Work With Independent Businesses

    If you’re based in a city, then you’re bound to be surrounded by some incredible independent shops, restaurants, bars, hair salons, jewellers… the list goes on. Why not ask to see if they would like to donate something to your cause as an auction lot, raising the profile of their great work whilst raising money for your charity. It could be an item of jewellery, an artisan coffee tutorial, or a hair cut and colour at a prestigious salon with a top stylist. Lots of options that would appeal to a wide audience to get those bids in!

  9. Gym Membership with Personal Training

    Can you put a price on health and fitness? Well, probably, but if you can team up with a local gym to create a one-of-a-kind gym membership plus access to a personal trainer to show you the ropes then we think you’re onto a winner.

  10. Local Celebrity

    Do you have a local celebrity? Maybe it’s a famous chef who owns a nearby restaurant, a well-known local artist or a photographer that everyone is raving about. If you can offer a unique opportunity that your guests can’t buy anywhere else – Like a cooking class with a famous chef or professional photoshoot – Then people are bound to get their big bids in to ensure they don’t leave empty handed.

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