Twixtmas Traditions

Turn Twixtmas Traditions into Fundraising

Ahh that week between Christmas and New Year, affectionately named Twixtmas.

Many people have this week off work, but don’t always have plans to fill it with. So why not encourage your supporters to spend the days of this week raising money and doing good deeds?

Create some new Twixtmas Traditions this year and drum up some donations at the same time.

Fundraising Ideas for Twixtmas

Share Healthy Recipes

What to do with those leftover brussel sprouts?

This time of year it’s all about food, but everyone tends to end up feeling a bit over-indulged – Full of turkey and mince pies! Thoughts post-Boxing Day often turn to New Year’s resolutions and starting the new year on a bit of a health kick. So why not encourage your supporters to share a recipe and cook a healthy favourite to share with their friends and family?

Grab your whisk and wooden spoons and cook up a storm in the kitchen! You could set yourself a challenge of 3 healthy meals a week, and encourage people to sponsor you – For your efforts as well as sharing your healthy recipes!

Share your progress on your social feeds a few times a week to drum up support and donations – You could even use a Donater online fundraising page to make giving even easier.

Get Moving

This one could also fit in well with goal setting and intentions for the new year – getting fitter! And what better way to be held accountable than documenting your progress and asking for donations to keep you motivated!  

It doesn’t have to be a run – It could be a cycle, a swim, or even a walk around your local park. Whatever gets you moving your body and getting out in the fresh air!

Why not get a bit of friendly rivalry going between you and your mates? See who can cover the most distance in a week, with all donations from friends and family going to a charity of your choice.

Bless this Mess

Christmas can be an untidy time of year! Decorations in every crevice, pine needles on the floor, and the need to find homes for all your new gifts. All we tend to see on social media is beautifully curated Christmas trees in houses looking spick and span.

So in that week we call Twixtmas, why not take a photo of some of the mess Christmas creates to let people know that they’re not alone! Perhaps a photo of a screwed-up-wrapping-paper mountain, or a shameful looking dog surrounded by broken baubles, or half a turkey smooshed on the floor?

Instead of seeing the mess, turn it into a gratitude exercise. You have a home to get messy. You have a dog as a beloved (if naughty) part of the family. You have enough money to buy Christmas food and presents for your family.

Take a snap and share it, create a hashtag and make a donation to a charity of your choice inspired by what you’re feeling grateful for.  

Make Some New Year’s Resolutions to Help Others

This time of year is when people tend to set intentions for the New Year approaching. Use this time to be mindful of what has affected you this year – Maybe something you read in the news, a fundraiser you saw online, a community initiative that needs help.

Whatever it is, see if you can make a commitment to do something to help that person or cause. Maybe it’s making a donation to a certain charity, committing to donating to your local food bank or volunteering your time.

Charitable causes need you!

Go Digital

If you haven’t already, then take your fundraising online. This year has once again hit charities hard, highlighting the need for resilience and innovative thinking in tough situations.

Online tools have been a lifeline for all sorts of businesses to try and survive this relentless pandemic, and charitable organisations are no exception.

There are many online fundraising tools at your disposal. To learn more about how Donater’s suite of online fundraising tools could help your charity to boost donations, get in touch with us today. You can also find plenty of online fundraising ideas over on our blog.

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