Santa Sleigh 2021

Contactless Donations for Charity Santa’s

Back in 2015 the festive elves from Winchester Round Table set about making Santa his very own sleigh to transport him around the city of Winchester to help raise money for local charitable causes.

The Winchester Santa Sleigh was a brainwave from some of the guys at Winchester Round Table, who seized the chance to upcycle an old milk float all the way from Leicester, and transform it into a sleigh fit for the big man in red himself.

6 months from start to finish, it went from delivering milk to transporting Father Christmas on a tour of the estates surrounding Winchester city centre. Not only do they spread a bit of festive cheer to all those who see them, they also help to raise vital funds for many charities from across the city.

Bringing Communities Together

Winchester Santa Sleigh is a huge part of the local community, with hundreds of families now looking forward to him visiting their street every year. Those who live a bit further afield even make the journey to one of the Winchester districts to come and see the big man in red!

It’s such a joy to see everyone come together during this festive time as well as making money for a myriad of extremely worthy local causes.

The Winchester Santa Sleigh has been such a huge success, that other Round Tables have taken the opportunity to raise money for their communities in the same way.

Donater are delighted to now be supporting the Santa’s and elves from Basingstoke Round Table Santa Sleigh, Exeter Round Table Christmas Float, Bewdley Community Santa Sleigh by Wyre Forest Round Table and Sheffield Round Table Santa Sleigh.

Santa Using Donater Digital Donation Technology

As Santa makes his way around the roads of Winchester, his elves are busy knocking on doors letting them know that Santa is coming. These elves have charity buckets to take any donations that people may wish to make.

Donater digital donation technology means that these charity buckets don’t just take cash! They can also take online and mobile payments from those who don’t have coins to drop in the bucket.

Donors can simply scan the Donater QR code with their smartphone, and can donate in moments using Apple Pay, Google Pay or their bank details. Simple, quick and contactless.

Using our Donater QR codes makes charity donation buckets accessible to all. Not everyone carries cash – Even when they are at home – But this technology means that they can still make a donation.

Tis the season of giving. Despite people having lots of pay out for themselves, many are also mindful that there are people less fortunate than themselves and want to give something back at Christmas time to help those in need.

As we’ve seen throughout the last 2 years – Digital donation technology is vital for charities. It’s imperative that fundraising can continue without relying just on cash. Our digital donation technology offers charitable organisations an easy first step into receiving digital donations.

Even Santa knows that to keep those donations coming in, you’ve got to keep up with technological advances and give people the opportunity to donate via mobile.

For more information on Winchester Santa Sleigh and the wonderfully worthy causes it supports, head to their website.

Want to Know More About Donater?

If you would like to know more about how you can transform your charity donation boxes into digital means of fundraising then get in touch with us today.

We’d love to discuss how Donater digital fundraising technology can work for you and your charitable cause.

Features to help you fundraise

Up-cycle your old fundraising tins and boxes quickly into a smart donation technology. Our simple to use, cost-effective technology has no commitments, monthly fees or minimum terms. 

  • Add a Smart Sticker to your donation tin, box, badge or marketing
  • A user taps or scans the sticker, and donates on their mobile
  • They can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or type their card details
  • You receive the money as often as you like
  • Post-Donation Gift Aid, Contact Details, Social Media followings
  • Optional integrations with your website and card readers

How to Make a Donation

If you would like to donate to any of these Santa Sleigh fundraisers, you can visit Donater online donation pages below.

Winchester Santa Sleigh – Donate Now

Basingstoke Santa Sleigh – Donate Now

Exeter Round Table Christmas Float – Donate Now

Bewdley Community Santa Sleigh by Wyre Forest Round Table – Donate Now

Santa Sleigh by Sheffield Round Table – Donate Now

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