Back to School Fundraisers

September has arrived and children across the UK are back to school, and with hopes high of a much less disrupted year, we’ve been thinking of how school PTA’s can kick their school fundraising back into gear this new school year.

So here are our top 10 picks of easy-to-do fundraising ideas that you can get started on for your school PTA right away.

1) Used Uniform Sale Many families will be willing to donate their children’s old school uniform to the school PTA – And many families who can’t afford a complete new uniform for their little one will benefit from the cheaper option. All your PTA need to do is collect donations of unwanted uniform that is still in wearable condition, and then hold a sale. You could even hold the sale online and distribute the bought items to the children’s classes! This is a great way of fundraising as well as supporting families on lower incomes.

2) Matching Gifts – Why not contact local companies and ask if they will match any fundraisers you hold through this school year? Many organisations are eager to support local charity funds as a part of their corporate social responsibility commitments. One way to do this is to ask school parents to ask the companies they work for whether they would be willing to match your funds – A quick and easy way to potentially double your money!  

3) Digital Charity Buckets – So many parents are able and willing to donate loose change to their children’s school. And even more would be likely to contribute if it was possible to do so digitally! Donater’s QR codes enable the donor to quickly scan the code on their smartphone and make a donation using Google or Apple pay in just a tap or two. QR codes could be placed on fundraising posters, classroom windows and in the reception area of the office. There are so many opportunities for digital fundraising in a school environment!

4) Challenge Fundraiser – The great thing about challenge fundraisers is the whole family can get involved! Is your school twinned with a school abroad? Why not challenge your pupils and parents to run, cycle or swim the distance from your school to your twin? Virtually of course! Track your progress and ask your donors to give online via a fundraising page. You can set one up for your school PTA through Donater!  

5) Design a Tote Bag – Parents are suckers for something their child has made. But gone are the days of tea-towels adorned with our child’s darling faces. Why not ask the pupils to create a design and get them printed onto tote bags – We all need them nowadays! Not only is it saving the environment from more plastic, but you get to show off your child’s creativity at the same time.

6) Christmas Card Design Fundraiser – Similar to the suggestion above, you can ask your pupils to design a Christmas card. Parents can then order a pack of printed cards to send to family and friends over the Christmas period. All the proceeds go to the school PTA!

7) Dress-Up Days – Most schools do these throughout the year. An easy fundraiser that’s fun for the children! Get the pupils to pay a pound or two in exchange for dressing up as their favourite book character, or encourage them to have a crazy hair day! There are so many fun ideas you could do – And the pupils get excited to have a day away from their uniform!  

8) Turn Trash into Cash – Research local companies that take in old electronic goods in return for cash. Families of the school can donate old and broken mobile phones, computers, games consoles, digital cameras, mp3 players, tablets etc. and exchange them for the money!

9) Sleepover Fundraiser – If you have a large school field why not arrange a family sleep-out in tents during the warmer months? People can make a donation for a pitch, plus a BBQ for roasting some marshmallows! It would be a great way to boost that community feeling amongst friends of the school whilst raising vital funds after a tough year of no fundraising events.

10) Bake Sale – This is the staple of all school fundraisers! And one many people likely missed last year whilst Covid restrictions were in place. Encourage your pupils and parents to embody their inner bake-off contestant and bring back the bake sale to your school. You can even take the stress out of cash with Donater’s straightforward QR codes on your bake sale tables! It’s an easy way to take mobile payments that are contactless and quick.

What are your favourite back to school fundraisers? Tag us on our social channels – We’d love to hear them!

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