PTA Fundraising: How Can I Run a Virtual Summer Fair?

Monday’s news regarding the postponement of ‘Summer freedom day’ wasn’t what we all were hoping for, but it was also not unexpected.

If you’re a school PTA then this news will likely have put the brakes on any summer fete plans. This popular and successful way of traditional school fundraising doesn’t lend itself well to social distancing and group gatherings in line with Covid regulations. Thankfully we’ve got some fundraising ideas to share that should help you with socially distanced fundraising along the summer fete theme.

As with most things over the pandemic – Let’s see how we can take the school summer fair and move the event online as well as the fundraising.

12 Ideas for a Virtual Summer Fair for School Fundraising

  • A virtual bake off:

    Most summer fetes will have a ‘bake off’ style competition where people can enter their bakes for a small fee, and then the cakes get sold afterwards. Obviously, the bakes themselves can’t be shared, but there’s no reason why a photo can’t be shared online! If you’ve got a school Facebook or Twitter page, entrants can post them on there, or email them into the judges. Don’t forget to ask for a small entrance fee.

  • The Best Pet:

    As most of the fun will be happening at home, the whole family can get involved including pets! Ask families to send their entries in for a small fee. Here are some category ideas: The Most Unusual Pet, The Dog with The Waggiest Tail, The Pet that Looks Most Like It’s Owner, The Pet that the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home.

  • A Doorstep Family Photo Competition:

    Another one that the whole family can enjoy. Charge a small fee to enter, and give your families a theme – Perhaps superheroes or dressing creatively in your school colours!

  • Name the Teddy:

    For a small charge, children can guess the name of the teddy. The winner gets to keep it after the day of the online fair!

  • Games Kits:

    Create some game packs that families can buy prior to the online summer fete day. Include props for games like an egg and spoon race, soak the grown up, chalk Pictionary on the street, etc. Get the families to film their efforts and send in photos and videos to win prizes. Don’t forget to ask for donors – Vouchers for local attractions or restaurants for when things re-open properly would be a great incentive to join in the fun.

  • Utilise Community Supporters:

    Can you partner with a local organisation – Perhaps a local Italian restaurant or a crafty ceramic company? Create low-price activity packs such as pizza making or ceramic painting that families can buy to do at home on the day. They can then send in their photos and videos to enter competitions for a small fee!

  • What a Year:

    We know it’s been a rough year, but there have been some magical moments too. Ask your school families to send in photos or video clips of a special time they shared or an achievement. Edit all the photos and clips together to showcase the special times of your families, and premier it on your social platforms on the day of the fair.

  • Garden Camp Out

    Holidays are all a bit up in the air right now, so why not encourage your school families to have a fun night out in the garden camping! You could sell ‘S’mores Kits’, marshmallows on sticks and ‘Midnight Feast’ hampers to help raise funds.

  • Hold an Online Raffle or Silent Auction

    Ask local companies for donations of products, services, promises and days out and then either raffle them off or ask families to bid on them via silent auction. Prizes can then be collected from the school gate or sent in the post!

  • Non-Uniform Day

    The day before the virtual summer fete, hold a non-uniform day where children pay £1 to wear their own clothes. Not only will this add extra money to the fundraising pot, but it will help remind people that the online summer fair is the next day!

  • Go Live!

    Facebook and Instagram have made it easier than ever to ‘go live’ to your audience. Make sure your families have found and liked your page prior to your online summer fair day and publicise what time you will be going live. Then announce all the entries to the competitions and who the lucky winners are! All the families, especially the children, will love seeing their photos, videos and entries shared on screen and be so excited to see them or their friends as winners!

  • Can You Take Online Donations?

    Make sure your supporters can easily donate to your school cause online, either via an online fundraising page or a Donate Button on your website. Here at Donater, we have a suite of online fundraising tools to help you take donations digitally. From dedicated online fundraising pages to an easily accessible Donate Button on your website, we have innovative and cost-effective online fundraising options for your school PTA. Your supporters will even be able to pay on their smartphone via Google Pay or Apple Pay. Easy peasy!

How will you be hosting your school summer fete this year? Follow along on our social media platforms and let us know your favourite ideas for online fundraising for PTA’s. We’d love to hear how you’re embracing fundraising online!

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