12 Fun Fundraising Ideas

Ideal for both normal and socially distanced fundraisers

Since Easter we’ve enjoyed days of sunshine and temperatures inching up tp warmer climes. We’ve been reunited with family, and enjoyed outdoor trips to pub gardens with friends. It’s another time of transition for us all – Charitable organisations included.

Fundraising is as important as ever, if not more so. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite fun fundraisers that can be done with or without social distancing. Perfect for this transition period as we begin down the road out of lockdown.

  1. (Remote) Fun Run

    Fun runs are always popular, attracting both participants and sponsors. When restrictions allow, you can arrange the traditional fun run, but for now a remote fun run can work just as well. With a rise in popularity of apps like Strava, participants can complete their race at a time that suits them and then simply upload their time.

  2. Daily Exercise Challenge

    For some, daily exercise has been a habitual lifeline throughout lockdown. And for others it’s been the last thing on their mind. Whether you’re a daily exercise pro, or you’re needing a bit of extra motivation, a daily exercise challenge is a great way to fundraise. It can be something as simple as holding a plank and increasing the length of time each day over the course of a month, or doing push-ups each day! There are endless options, and participants are bound to share their progress on social media to show off their efforts and drum up more support.
  3. Mini Golf Open

    It’s fun, outdoors and easy to social-distance. Find a local outdoor space and turn it into a Mini Golf course where families and friends can pay to enjoy a bit of crazy golf fun.

  4. Wine and Watercolours

    You could argue that many people are suffering a bit from Zoom fatigue. But for a lot of people, Zoom has been a welcome distraction from their bubbled world and a gateway to new people and hobbies. Team up with a local artist and wine merchant and invite people to pay for a night of watercolours and wine – Perfect for a virtual night in or a fun evening out when allowed.

  5. Watch-Along Parties

    Whilst we can enjoy an evening with friends in each others gardens, we’re not yet at the stage where we can share a sofa inside the house, or go to the cinema. So instead, utilise one of the streaming sites watch-along functions and enjoy a film with family or friends virtually. Donate the price of a cinema ticket per person to charity!

  6. Sleep Out

    This is a great one for families – Grab your tent and sleeping bags and pitch up! It could be in your garden, on your school field or in a community outdoor space (with permission). Ask for sponsors or charge a small fee per family to raise those vital funds. This is a particularly popular fundraiser for charities tackling homelessness, raising awareness of what it’s like for rough sleepers.

  7. World Record Attempt

    This might sound a bit far-fetched, but there are actually lots of doable, silly options! The quirkier the better for a bit of social media attention. The sponsor money is bound to come in!

  8. Bushtucker Trials

    Love it or hate it, those I’m A Celeb bushtucker trials are hard not to watch! From smoothies to crunchy bugs, people are eager to give it a go themselves. It doesn’t have to be bugs, just something a bit different like a Sausage Smoothie! Devise your own ‘delicious’ menu and encourage people to collect sponsorship money for doing the challenge.

  9. Wishing Tree

    This is a lovely fundraiser to do in your local community. Just like a wishing well, plant a special tree (or use an existing one) and provide a way for people to donate a small fee and make a wish. Then you can decorate the tree with everyone’s wishes!

  10. Street Parties

    We’ve just enjoyed a fun St George’s Day street party in our local city. It’s so easy to organise – You could even charge a fee and provide a small pack of street party goodies. Think coloured bunting, cake recipes and Spotify party playlists! They’re a great way to raise awareness of your cause whilst simultaneously bringing your community together (socially distanced for now, of course). There’s nothing like the buzz of a street party – That’s when good neighbours become good friends…

  11. Seedling Sale

    This one is super easy. Choose something relatively easy to grow, like tomatoes, and plant lots of seeds in seed trays. Once They have turned into seedlings, sell them for a small price and see how much you can raise!

  12. Wild Swimming Challenge

    Wild swimming has become hugely popular. What a rush to jump in the cold water – A total energy boost! If it doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe a few sponsorships would be good motivation to give it a go? I know I’d pay to see a friend jump in the cold Spring sea! Always make sure you use safe, designated wild swimming spots before attempting this one.

So there we go – A few ideas to get those creative fundraising juices flowing! Which ones do you think would work well for your charity? We’d love to hear your ideas too – Send us your fun fundraising faves to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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