Our Socially Distanced Fundraising Favourites

We might be inching towards normality, but we think socially distanced fundraisers are going to be around for a little while yet.

As a proportion of the country get back to a degree of normal life with back-to-school today, many of us are still very much feeling locked down with restrictions still in place.

The good news is that lockdown restrictions and social distancing regulations don’t have to get in the way of fundraising!

All pandemic long we’ve been sharing some truly innovative ways that charities and donors can use to continue to raise vital funds for worthy causes.

So here is a little round up of some of our favourite socially distanced fundraising ideas to help pass the time over the next few months whilst raising some money at the same time.

Donate Your Time

Perhaps you’ve been furloughed or simply just find yourself with a bit more time on your hands than normal. Why not hire yourself our to locals in return for a donation to a charity of your choice? It could be a local or community led organisation. Offer to walk dogs, buy shopping or mow lawns for local residents – It’s a double good deed!

Virtual Run / Cycle

We don’t know about you, but we’ve tried to get going on the exercise front a few times yet haven’t quite managed to keep up with a routine. But there’s nothing like a bit of accountability for motivation! Set a distance goal on the treadmill or exercise bike and then ask friends and family to sponsor you. With weekly check-ins so see how you’re getting on, plus the added incentive of raising funds that charities across the UK vitally need, there will be no more excuses!

Online Games Night

Whether your game of choice is Fifa, Fortnite or Mario Kart, why not organise a games night with friends? Link up on Zoom and play a tournament together with an online pot of donations to a charity of your choosing.

The Great Virtual Bake Off

If you’re finding that the weeks are passing by without a proper catch up with friends, why not organise a friendly bake-off session to share online? Send a recipe to friends (or family) along with a Microsoft Teams invite. Bake along together whilst each donating a chosen amount to a charity close to your hearts.

The Lockdown Factor

Have you got a secret (or not so secret) talent? Perhaps you’re a great guitarist, or a marvellous magician! Set up a live performance on Instagram or Facebook to perform your talents to your nearest and dearest, with a donate button for people to make donations whilst they’re enjoying the show.

Turn Hobbies into Hundreds

Have you re-discovered any old hobbies, or found a new pastime during lockdown? If these hobbies have left you with a house full of creations, why not sell them and donate the money to charity? Paintings, knitting, macramé, wood whittling – Share your craft with the world and help a charity at the same time.

Lock Up the Lockdown Liquor

Hands up if you’ve enjoyed a tipple a little more often since lockdown began? The sunshine is starting to make an appearance and the opening of pub gardens is looming on the horizon.  You might be thinking about those first sips of a cold pint of beer or crisp glass of wine. Why not make those first pub outings even more wonderful by giving up alcohol until that fine evening when you’re once again sitting in a pub garden with friends and a glass in hand? We reckon friends and family would be more than willing to sponsor your efforts.

Sponsored Spring Clean

You might have spent lockdown de-cluttering your house. With charity shops still closed, why not set up a Covid-safe socially-distanced yard sale in your front garden or driveway? Include a donation pot with your chosen charity’s information and you’ll be getting rid of your clutter, raising money and increasing awareness of your charity of choice. Why not also give donors the option of donating online by using an online donation page? Perfect for those who don’t carry cash but want to pick up a bargain.

Dress Down Day – In Your Pyjamas!

Let’s be honest – Many of us sit on our Google Meets in an outfit that is very much ‘work on top, comfy on the bottom’. Why not give you and your employees a valid reason to stay in your pyjamas all day by having a sponsored pyjama day! All your colleagues need to do is make a donation to a specified charity, and roll out of bed ready for a day at the kitchen table.

Lockdown Haircut – Live Stream

We’ve seen some absolute shockers online of attempted lockdown haircuts – As well as some videos where people seem to have found an unknown hair dressing talent. If you or your partner are feeling desperate for a trim before starting to venture back out into the world or on the school run, why not live stream a DIY Haircut at Home? Include a donate button, and your audience can pay for the hilarity of watching it live.

There’s a few of our favourite socially distanced fundraising ideas for the remainder of lockdown. Which one do you fancy doing? Tag us in your efforts on our social platforms – We’d love to see your fundraising fun!

There are plenty more online fundraising ideas on our blog. If you are a charitable organisation, you might also be interested in our contactless suite of digital fundraising tools – From transforming your donation boxes into digital means of fundraising, to QR codes and Smart Sticker technology so people can donate to your cause with just a tap of their smartphone. For more information, please do get in touch.

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