Lent in Lockdown – Our Top Ten Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Many of us are starting our last week of home-schooling our children, before they hopefully get to go back to schools when they re-open next week.

We thought it would be a great idea to share some of our favourite fundraising ideas that are child friendly – A selection of challenges that you could enjoy as a family, whilst fundraising for a charity of your choice.

Lent in Lockdown – A Time for Giving Instead of Giving Up?

We are now nearly two weeks into Lent. It feels like we have given up so much already these past months, so what about focusing on giving to others instead of giving something up? Lent in lockdown seems the perfect opportunity to teach our children the amazing gift of giving to others – Especially at this time when so many charities are struggling.

Our children are the next generation of donors. Let’s set an amazing example to go forth with and show them how fun and worthwhile it is to raise money for charity!

Here are our Top Ten Fundraising Ideas for Kids, including some great online fundraising ideas you can enjoy virtually with friends and family.

  1. Dressing Up Day – This couldn’t be any better timed! If you’re a parent, then chances are you already know that it’s World Book Day this Thursday! (Or maybe I’ve just reminded you…) As many children aren’t at school still this week, if your school aren’t doing World Book Day via Zoom / Teams / Google Meet, then why not do it at home? Dig out an old costume from the cupboard and ask your family and friends to sponsor your child, making donations to a charity of your choice.

  2. Read-a-thon – We know in lockdown that parents have had to rely on screens so much to get us through these past months. Whether it’s purely for live lessons, or to occupy the younger ones whilst your work, there’s no doubt that we’ve needed them more than ever. So why not swap the screen for a story. Sponsor your child to read a book(s) of their choice, and then donate the money to charity – We just know they would be so grateful for any monetary gifts, big or small.

  3. Sponsored Walk / Run / Cycle – Let’s be honest, a lot of the PE lessons over the past few months have been with Joe Wicks through the TV (no judgement here – He does a cracking workout! (other PT’s are available)). You could encourage your children to do a sponsored walk, run or cycle where they have to meet a certain distance or number of steps each day for a week (or month!). Who knows, it might spur your whole family to do some exercise together – And what better way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and double-digit temperatures we’ve been having!

  4. Virtual Concert – Got a talented guitarist in your midst, or a budding young singer? If your children are musically gifted then why not give your family and friends the gift of a virtual concert via Zoom. They can pay for an e-ticket and you can donate the money to a chosen charity. Your children will feel so proud, and your family (who I’m sure are missing them so much!) will love another excuse to see their faces even through a screen.

  5. Easter Egg Hunt – Do you live in a village or close-knit community? Why not organise a Covid-Safe Easter Egg Hunt for all of the local children? Set up a trail of clues and ask local residents to pay a small donation for a map taking them around the trail. Proceeds all to a charity close to your community’s heart!

  6. Give Something Up – I know we said that this Lent we felt it was more about giving than giving-up. But we also know that for many families, Lent is an important time for getting closer to God (or just to break a habit!). If your children have decided to try and give something up, why not add an extra incentive by sponsoring their efforts? You can donate the money they raise to a charity that’s important to you.

  7. Sponsored Haircut – Hands up if the kids’ hair is looking rather longer than it usually would? With them heading back to school before the hairdressers and barber shops re-open, why not do a sponsored haircut? Maybe Dad could get out the clippers, or Mum could find her inner hairdresser. Film the event, or even stream it live, to friends and family, asking for a small donation to a set charity for the privilege.

  8. Virtual Karaoke / Games Night – We all know how hard this pandemic has hit our children, whatever their age. They’ve missed their friends so much. So why not hold a virtual karaoke or games night before schools go back next week. Each family can make a donation – Little or large – to a chosen charity, and the children can all get reacquainted before seeing their friends in person next Monday. You could even donate the proceeds to your school PTA!

  9. Sponsored Silence – Okay, we know that it all gets a bit much sometimes. You’re trying your best to work from home, but with children around it’s bound to be noisy and hard to concentrate. So why not sponsor them to be silent? It’s a win all round. You get an hour of peace each day this week to get that report written (or enjoy a quiet cup of tea) and the charity of your choice gets a gift from it too.

  10. Virtual Yoga Class – Although our children are probably very excited to get back to school and see their friends, it’s bound to evoke some big emotions and reactions too. Especially for younger children. If you’re finding that those emotions are running high, why not approach a local yoga teacher and see if they would donate an hour to hold a child-friendly yoga class over Zoom? Invite your child’s friends (or whole class) and ask each family to make a donation to your chosen cause. You can raise money for charity whilst calming those back-to-school nerves.

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration of a challenge or two you could enjoy with your children during this last week of home-school or throughout Lent. It’s the perfect opportunity to re-connect with your children after a tough time, as well as helping charities who are currently struggling too.

We’d love to hear your ideas – Or see your fundraising efforts! Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us!

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