Calls for bailout for charities at risk of collapse due to Covid

Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert, has called on the government saying help is needed to reduce the ‘existential risk’ faced by the charity sector.

Last week, the nation mourned the passing of treasured hero Captain Sir Tom Moore who gave us all a beacon of hope whilst raising money for the NHS by walking laps of his garden at 99 years old.

Health charities are on the frontline of this pandemic and so it makes perfect sense that they are in the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to fundraising and making donations.

Health charities aren’t the only ones that need help

The charity sector is huge and there are many more charities facing collapse as a result of Covid-19. They need an urgent government bailout to survive.

The coronavirus has forced charities to shut down many fundraising initiatives in order to follow social distancing guidelines and lockdown restrictions. Charity shops have now been closed for a considerable length of time, and in-person events have had to be postponed or cancelled.

It’s been widely reported that the drop in fundraising has coincided with an increased demand for services – Charities providing a service in mental health, poverty and domestic abuse are desperately needed in these times yet they also desperately need help along with so many more.

What is the shortfall?

Lewis’ research is estimating a £10bn shortfall for the UK charity sector. And for charities who do not receive any state funding, they need a lifeline.

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, it’s clear that charity services such as food banks, unemployment support and domestic abuse assistance will still be in dire need to many vulnerable people.

How can we support these charities?

It’s imperative that these services, which will continue to tackle the social impacts of this crisis well after normality starts to return, are financially supported to avoid losing them altogether.

Calls for doubling gift aid as well as a new fund focusing on these charities in particular are a couple of ways being called on to tackle this threat.

Utilising online fundraising technology

We’ve seen some amazing resilience and innovation from charities throughout this pandemic. It is certainly apparent that the sector needs financial help from the government. It’s also important that those who can do a little something to help, do so.

We know from working alongside charities over the past year, how vital it is to utilise digital technology for fundraising – Now and into the future.

How can Donater help?

Our suite of digital fundraising tools has been designed to provide a simple, secure, contactless way for charities to take digital donations. Potential donors need only scan a QR code or tap a Smart Sticker on their smartphone. They are then taken to a charity branded online donation page, where they can pay in just moments via Apple Pay, Google Pay or with their bank details.

For more information on our digital donation tools, head to our website or give us a call.

We also have a whole blog with plenty of online fundraising ideas and socially distanced fundraising tips.

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