Online Fundraising in 2021

How Charities Can Survive The Pandemic – 5 Ways to Fundraise Online for 2021

Around the world, nearly a third of charities have closed down. Yet during this challenging time, so many people are needing charitable help in some form.

Whether it’s help to feed their family with food bank parcels, support with their mental health at a time of being in crisis, or seeking help in escaping domestic abuse. Charities are desperately needed now (and always), so what can be done to help them continue to fundraise amid social-distancing and lockdowns?

We know that the pandemic has driven everyone online. Working online, socialising online, learning online – Everything is currently done through a screen.

So what areas can we tap into to boost digital donations and raise vital funds for charities in crisis, helping those in a crisis?

Retail Partners

Many charities, especially around Christmastime, partner with a local retailer or business that give customers the chance to donate to their chosen charity at point of sale. Of course, this went rather out the window at the end of 2020, when normal shopping was restricted for most.

So how do we extend this type of campaign and bring it online? One way is to include an informational insert with online orders. This could have details about the charity, info on how to donate and even a QR code that people can scan with their smartphone and be taken directly to an online donation page.

You can find out more about Donater’s QR code donation tools here.


Corporate Social Responsibility – A phrase thrown about a lot by many companies. It’s become a bit of a buzz word. Yes, charities need partners to help them fundraise. But businesses need charities too!

Nowadays, many consumers make their choices based on a company’s CSR funds and charity partners. Companies need to be seen to be doing their bit to help their community. These are a great opportunity for both parties to stand out from the crowd, and vitally, help charities boost their fundraising.

Businesses can share their marketing resources with co-branded assets to engage a wider audience. This type of initiative can be extended online by charities utilising their partners websites and social channels.

One of the online fundraising tools that Donater offer is a Donate Button which can be added to any website and take potential donors through to an easy-to-use donation page.

Generation Z

What we mustn’t forget is the next generation of donors. Charities might be well versed in engaging and communicating with their current donors and their demographic. But what about the donors that will come after them?

What we’ve seen from this pandemic, is how young people in the Generation Z era are willing to give their time and money to good causes.

We’ve seen gaming, music and livestream fundraisers make decent money for charities and good causes over the past year. So how do charitable organisers engage these enthusiastic potential donors?

Now is the time to reach out to online influencers and content creators – Appeal to them and reach out to their audiences on platforms that popular with this demographic. It’s not just about revenue – It’s about reaching and engaging a new audience. There’s a whole generation of people just waiting to join in with online fundraisers, keen to donate both their time and money.

Our online donation pages have already helped charities raise thousands of pounds through online fundraising events.

Digital Innovation

Those that already utilising the digital realm within their business were a step ahead last year. But so many more charitable organisations committed themselves to digital innovation and change amid the coronavirus crisis. There really wasn’t much of a choice.

We’ve seen examples of amazing technological originations and revolutions in terms of online fundraising. Those in particular that have stood out are those that have utilised QR, AR and VR (quick response, augmented reality and virtual reality). They are incredibly innovative ways to drive engagement and increase donations.

Donation buttons on platforms like Instagram and TikTok have also seen huge popularity over the past year.

Did we mention we’ve just been a finalist in our local business awards for digital innovation? More on that here.

Use Digital Tools to Share Your Why

In-person events aren’t possible for the foreseeable future.

That means you can’t bring your story to supporters and potential donors in person, for now. But digital storytelling is easier now than ever before.

There are so many digital ways to reach and engage your supporters. From email campaigns, a functional website, to social media platforms sharing real-life stories. There is proof that we can stay connected even while we are apart.

Donater’s suite of online fundraising tools are designed to be used in the digital realm. They make cashless, contactless giving an easy option for big and small charitable causes. We’ve supported you throughout this pandemic, and we’ll be here for you after it’s over too.

For a real life example of how these 5 ways to online fundraise are having a big impact on charity fundraising, have a read of this wonderfully interesting article on strategies for charities to survive the pandemic.

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