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Can Your Donors Pay with Google Pay When Making Donations?

Making donations easily accessible to mobile users is very important to us here at Donater. Utilising Google Pay technology within our suite of fundraising tools is just one way we’ve integrated mobile payments for donations via digital giving.

We are working hard all the time to create, develop and integrate new features into our technology to help good causes with their fundraising. Enabling potential donors with the option to donate using Google Pay is just one way we are doing this.

Google Pay is a straightforward, quick and contactless process for donors to give money digitally through Donater. This manner of making digital donations accessible to all is the driving force behind our technology.

All of the Donater tools that you use for fundraising are enabled with Google Pay. This includes our Donater hosted donation page, QR codes, NFC tags and Smart Stickers.

Your donors can pay using Google Pay when using the Donater suite of fundraising tools

How can people make donations with Google Pay through Donater?

We have several tools within our suite of fundraising technology that enable you to receive donations made through Google Pay.

A hosted Donater donation page

  • Your charitable organisation can share this dedicated donation page on multiple platforms such as your website and social media pages.
  • Potential donors click the link and are then taken to the donation page on their browser.
  • They choose their donation and click the payment tab.
  • Donors that have a Google Wallet on an Android phone or tablet can pay with Google Pay to donate quickly – Easy, contactless and mobile.

Donater’s Smart Stickers (QR Code and NFC Tag)

  • Our Smart Stickers can be placed almost anywhere. They can transform a traditional donation box into a digital donation source for cashless donors. They can be stuck onto posters, exhibits, newsletters, points of sale, name badges – There are so many possibilities.
  • The donor scans the QR code with their smartphone, or if it is NFC enabled they can just tap it on the Smart Sticker.
  • They are then automatically taken to your dedicated Donater donation page.
  • They choose the donation they wish to make and click the payment tab.
  • Those using an android device with a Google Wallet can then choose to pay quickly and easily with Google Pay – Without having to enter in any of their card details. So quick!

For more information on how Donater digital donation technology could help your charity or good cause to fundraise, head to our website.

Looking for fundraising ideas to boost donations? We have a whole blog dedicated to tips and ideas for successful fundraising, and regularly share ideas on our Facebook page.

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