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500 Scout Groups At Risk of Closing – How Can They Fundraise Online?

Last week on Remembrance Day, the pupils at my son’s school were allowed to wear their Scout and Girl Guide uniforms. Seeing them all wearing it with such pride made me realise; here was another group that would really be feeling the effects of Covid-19and social distancing. Scout groups are another organisation that could hugely benefit from taking their fundraising online.

Last month BBC News reported that up to 500 Scout groups were at risk of closing due to Covid-19. It’s not surprising that the Scout Association were concerned that a bleak future lay ahead for some groups with traditional means of fundraising proving impossible under government guidelines. We’re seeing more groups and associations turn to online fundraising events than ever before.

Turning Fundraising into Online Events

When we think about fundraising events for groups like Scouts and Girl Guides there are several that spring to mind. Jumble sales, car washes, quizzes and cake sales. However these types of fundraising events are just not possible when it comes to social distancing and lockdown. Hence the need for innovation, and a bit of technology.

The linked article describes a fantastic virtual event led by Bear Grylls (Chief Scout). Scout groups across the country are setting their members the challenge of travelling 172,000 miles collectively in their local areas. The Scout Association hope to raise £300K to help the groups most at risk of closure.

This is a fantastic example of how it’s possible to fundraise whilst social distancing. Let’s talk about how else Scout groups and Girl Guides can continue to fundraise online during the pandemic.

How can Scout groups take their fundraising online?

Digital tools have long been a powerful way to boost your fundraising. Now that a pandemic has hit, even more people are turning to online fundraising strategies. Not only can you use digital tools to increase your donations, you can also grow your audience. Here are some top tips for Scout groups to take their fundraising online.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are brilliant for connecting to your audience and growing your followers. As Scout groups already have members, it should be straightforward to convert these to online followers.

Share your socially distanced fundraising ideas with your supporters to rally the troops and encourage them to take part in your online fundraising events from the comfort of their own home or garden. This could be something like the above – running, walking or cycling a certain distance. It could be a bake-off style cake competition (appearance only!) or a costume competition. Make it seasonal and theme it to Christmas to get everyone in the festive fundraising spirit.

Use a Fundraising Platform

Here at Donater, we can create a fundraising page unique to your Scout Group. With theming to match so your page is ‘on-brand’ it immediately gives the potential donor a sense of trust that it is a legitimate fundraising page for your cause.

It can easily be linked to your website through a Donate button so anyone visiting your website has easy access to online giving.

The link to your unique fundraising page can also be shared on your social media platforms, emails and newsletters. A quick and easy way for people to make online donations!

Smart Stickers

These are perhaps more suited to a post-lockdown fundraiser at a time when social distancing regulations have eased. These nifty Smart Stickers from Donater have a QR Code and NFC Tag. This means that donors can simply scan the QR code with their smartphone or tap the sticker and they will be taken to your fundraising page. They can then make donation in seconds using Apple Pay or Google Pay (or pop in their bank details).

These Smart Stickers can be used almost anywhere. You can attach them to name badges or traditional donation boxes, turning a cash-only fundraising opportunity into an online option. These are a brilliant way of boosting digital donations.  

They also provide a way of taking contactless, cashless donations at a time when people may still be wary of using cash. Easier than obtaining a card reader, these handy stickers enable your supporters to donate directly to your cause using just their smartphone.

Let Us Help

For more information on how Donater can help bring your fundraising online, head to our website or contact us now.

For more hints and ideas on how to fundraise online, head to our blog or follow our social media platforms where we regularly share handy tips for online fundraising.

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