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Socially Distanced Fundraising Ideas – Using QR Codes To Boost Donations

We’ve already shared some great socially distanced fundraising ideas in previous blogs – This week it’s all about the QR code, and how you can use it creatively to boost donations for your charity or organisation.

QR codes are an easily accessible, cost-effective way of introducing digital infrastructure to your fundraising and brand awareness strategy. With socially distanced fundraising at the forefront of everyone’s minds, digital fundraising and online donations is a great place to start.

With the current hype around QR codes following the recent launch of the NHS Test and Trace app, now is a brilliant time to explore this technology, and the innovative ways you can put it to use for your fundraising.

5 Top Tips – Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes to Boost Donations

Socially distanced fundraising ideas are so important in the current Covid-19 climate – But it won’t be that way forever. Fundraising was already fast moving towards digital, and the great thing is that everything being put in place now to survive the pandemic, will still be useful when it’s over.

Here are 5 ways you can utilise QR codes to boost donations that will serve your fundraising during Covid-19 and beyond.

1. Take Donations Digitally

Let’s start with the obvious. QR codes are an easy, cost-effective way to start taking digital donations. Donors can scan the QR code on their smartphone and immediately land on a donation page. They can then donate an amount online. Donater’s smart stickers are a straight-forward way of setting this up. They can be placed almost anywhere – Collection boxes, posters, flyers, name badges. As the tech is all in the code, there is no need to rely on battery life of a device, making it cost-effective and easy to implement.

2. Increase Website Traffic

Boosting donations isn’t just about taking the money, it’s also about engaging with your donors. QR codes can be a useful tool for taking potential donors straight through to your website. Once they’ve landed on your page, you can communicate your mission and easily share your socially distanced fundraising ideas. You can make direct appeals to their empathic nature and encourage them to become a long-time supporter of your work. This is so much more significant than just a one-off donation.

3. Social Media –

We are connected to social media now more than ever before. There are many examples of charity challenges that have gone viral using these platforms, securing much needed fundraising. We’ve seen during lockdown how successful socially distanced fundraising ideas can be through challenges that can be done at home. At a time when traditional fundraising events are difficult, social media has become an important tool to help. QR codes are a great way of bringing people directly to your social media platforms, encouraging follows and likes. The more people you have following your platforms, the more likely any challenge you share will take off.

4. Call to Action –

Do you need support for a campaign or petition? You can use QR codes to take a supporter straight through to an already drafted email complete with subject and recipient. All the person has to do is press send! Or perhaps you have a certain demographic of supporters prefering to make a donation by telephone? Target a QR code to this group of people – The donor can scan the code and easily make a quick phone call to your call centre. Whilst we are still having to socially distance, face-to-face fundraising can be difficult. QR codes could be the perfect solution.

5. Increase Engagement Opportunities –

QR codes can be used to sign people up to newsletters, giving you more opportunities to communicate with current and potential donors. Having the opportunity to reach more people with your mission, news, work and campaigns is likely to increase donations and support. Newsletters are also a great chance to show your gratitude and say thank you for all those much-needed donations.

Challenges create opportunities for growth

We understand that socially distanced fundraising ideas are paramount for charities right now. But this also gets us a bit excited! Everything that charities are putting in place to survive this crisis is going to serve them so well for the future.

Here at Donater, we’re passionate about using digital technology to boost fundraising for worthy causes. We’ve always seen the worth of QR codes – They are so versatile. They lend themselves well to organisations looking to be creative and innovative in their approach to digital fundraising. For more information on our smart stickers, get in touch with us today.

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