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10 Virtual Fundraising Tips – Perfect For Social Distancing

How can I fundraise whilst adhering to social distancing regulations?

Easy! Make it virtual. The online world is the perfect place to carry on your fundraising efforts without worrying about whether it’s safe and in line with social distancing.

It’s a great place to communicate with your supporters online, engage them in your cause, and mobilise them to make donations and share your mission.

Here’s 10 of our top virtual fundraising tips

Your Website

First things first – If you’re fundraising in the online world, then your website is the central hub, the home of your charity. It needs to be easy to navigate, communicate your message clearly, and make donations simple and quick to do.

Quick Website checklist:

  • Is it clear what your mission is?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Is it straightforward to make a donation?

Utilise all of the Digital Channels at your disposal

There are many digital channels that you can utilise. Share a ‘behind the scenes’ Live on Facebook. Tweet your thanks to your supporters on Twitter. Post a photo on Instagram of the good things donations are making possible. Create boards on Pinterest relevant to your mission. Send emails to your supporters telling them about your worthy cause and how grateful you are for their donations. Send them a text message reminding them of the fundraiser you’ve got coming up.

Use these channels to keep in touch and communicate with your supporters, as well as encouraging new ones.

Virtual Collection Boxes

Did you know you can turn your standard collection box into a virtual one with just a smart sticker? Donater has developed smart sticker technology to enable you to take digital donations through a QR code. Instead of dropping coins in a box, a donor can scan the smart sticker with their smartphone and make a donation. Pretty nifty! For more information on this click here.

Virtual Walk / Run / Cycle

These really took off over lockdown. Just because marathons aren’t happening, doesn’t mean your keen supporters can’t still run a few miles. As we’re inching back to a slightly more normal life, many are getting themselves back on a regular exercise regime. Doing a sponsored run, walk or cycle for a charity dear to their heart is bound to provide some much needed motivation.

Virtual Cooking Lessons

Lockdown taught us that almost anything can be done online. If you’re a bit of a Great British Bake-Off fan, you might have noticed previous winner Candice Brown do some cooking classes via Instagram live. People really got into their baking – If you didn’t make your own loaf or bake banana bread, were you even in lockdown?

A live cook-a-long could be a great alternative to the popular coffee morning fundraisers that many big charities encourage. If you can find a semi-famous face to host yours then even better!

Online Auction

These are a great opportunity to raise money. They are easily shared via digital channels as consist of just a website link. You can auction off pretty much anything – Jewellery, signed memorabilia, art, experiences, sports merchandise… The list goes on.

Don’t be afraid of approaching big companies and celebrities for donations to the auction – If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Free Digital Download with Donation

Is there something you can offer your loyal supporters in return for their generous donations? Perhaps a ‘Quick Guide To…’ relevant to your cause or a cute picture that they can share on social media. People love giving donations, but they also love feeling like they got a little something in return.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile and similar are really great ways for people to donate to their chosen charities whilst doing their normal shopping. It’s really win-win!


These can be really popular campaigns. They’re quick, they’re easy, and all the donor has to do is send a text message in many cases! There are various providers of these – Make sure to fully research before signing up.


Crowdfunding has really taken off – Even individuals are making their own crowdfunding campaigns for various things! This could be a great idea if you have a particular project you are raising money for. The crowdfunding page is easily shared so can be communicated to your supporters and potential donors through all your digital channels.

Social distancing doesn’t mean that fundraising has to stay at arms length. Use your creativity to devise innovative digital campaigns – Reach out to your supporters whilst they are in the comfort of their own homes, sitting with your cause in the palm of their hand. What are your favourite virtual fundraising ideas?

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