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Anonymity and Contactless Fundraising

What do contactless and cash donations have in common? The anonymity of donors. There is a lot of chatter about charity fundraising in recent months – Especially with Covid-19 pushing society even closer to being cashless. Charities have been hit hard, and are turning towards mobile, contactless and digital payment technology in order to keep donations coming in.

One thing that cash and contactless donations do have in common though is the anonymity of donors. Whether a donor is dropping coins in a collection box, or tapping their smartphone on a QR code – It’s not always possible to take personal information.

Why does anonymity cause problems for fundraising?

Connection is at the core of fundraising. Communicating your cause to a person, igniting their empathy and encouraging them to support you by offering a donation is where it all starts.

But if you’ve got as far as inspiring them to give to your cause, it would be such a shame to lose the opportunity for future communication.

If they’ve felt compelled to donate to your charity once, then they are likely to want to do so again. If you can take their name and contact details the first time they make a donation, you have the chance to turn them into a passionate supporter and loyal follower by thanking them for their generosity and keeping them up to date with your worthy cause through regular, personalised communication.

The more you know about your donors, the better.

Anonymity is an age-old issue with fundraising, but with the rise of contactless donations and mobile payment technology, we finally have the chance to remedy this. We can use this societal shift for good and really make a difference.

How can Donater smart sticker technology help with the anonymity issue?

Our smart sticker solution offers a cost-effective, simple way of transforming your old collection boxes into smart donation technology.

We’ve always said that it’s not necessarily about replacing cash donations altogether – There will always be people that will want to give cash, and it would be counter-productive to rob them of the opportunity.

But with our smart stickers you can have the best of both worlds – Those that wish to still drop coins into your collection tin can do so, and people that want to tap their phones to trigger a donation screen to appear in their web browser can do that too.

The added bonus about having this option, is the opportunity to collect donor data. You can encourage donors to leave their contact details as well as share your social media channels with them.

Both of these options give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your donor, open lines of communication that they are comfortable with, and increase the likelihood of future donations.

The beauty of our smart sticker solution is you can use them almost anywhere – It doesn’t have to just be on a collection box.

Big charities have been using contactless donation technology in amazingly innovative ways to encourage donations. National Trust Scotland built contactless donation points into famous artefact replicas and The Blue Cross added contactless points to the jackets of their doggie friends so that people could donate whilst petting them.

Where would you put yours?

For more information on our smart sticker solution, please head to our website here.

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