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Make an Impact on the charities you love

Don’t you just wish that you could raise money for the charities close to your heart just by going about your normal shopping?

Your wish has been granted; Dreams really can come true. There’s a great app called Impact, which lets you do just this.

A bit like Amazon Smile, this mobile app is revolutionising the way we give by letting you give free donations to your chosen charity – By just spending with participating retailers, you can earn loyalty points for the charities that mean most to you.

How does it work?

Earn Loyalty Donations by registering all of your card details in the app. Each time you use your registered card(s) to pay online or instore at a participating retailer, you earn Loyalty Donations for your chosen charity. Once sufficient awards have been accrued, they can be redeemed and donated to your chosen charity.

This great little app keeps a handy record of all the rewards you’ve accrued and how much you’ve donated to charity.

There are already over 9000 charities registered, and other charities can apply for registration if they’re not already a part of this.

Really, what’s not to like? You can do your weekly shop at Waitrose and accrue rewards or dine out at Jamie’s Italian (when everything re-opens…) knowing that the delicious food and drink you’re enjoying is also helping a good cause.

Here at Donater we love any clever tech that helps charities raise vital funds for their ongoing work. And right now, charities need as much help as possible. Not everyone is in a position to donate cash, but this nifty app gives you the chance to raise money for charity whilst going about your everyday spends.

For more information head to or download the app today and get started.

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