Video Rewards for Digital Donations

We’ve discussed in previous blogs about how to reward donors and say thank you – Perhaps it’s a hand written letter saying how the donations has directly benefited or someone, or maybe an email with some photos of the charities work in action.

But what if it was something more immediate? Digital donations are starting to become a bit more commonplace, so what better than offering some kind of immediate reward for those making their donations digitally by tapping their card or scanning a QR code with their phone.

Over Christmas, Blue Cross animal charity matched their digital donations campaign with a video reward.

The charity benefit from having multiple centres, fundraising events and commercial partner sites like Pets at Home across the country where they can utilise contactless devices.

As well as being able to take contactless payments, they also have a screen that enables a promotional video to be shown. Anyone using the contactless device to make a donation is rewarded with a cat or dog video reward to say thank you.

Not only is the charity able to say thank you straight away, but it also gives a less transactional feeling to the donation process.

What we need to remember is that this way of giving digitally isn’t as every day an occurrence as it is to just tap your card to pay for a sandwich. Digital donations are different to other contactless payments – It’s less a transaction, and more a process of giving a gift.

Being able to personalise this process and connect directly with people is more likely to increase this means of donating.

Using video rewards in this way is a fantastic way of engaging donors not only with the charity, but with this fairly new way of giving. Charitable organisations are being encouraged to utilise digital donation technology to boost their fundraising campaigns, but it’s not necessarily just a case of buying the devices.

There has to also be a drive to get donors using these devices, and then rewarding them for it when they do.

This digital donation technology stands a great chance of successfully boosting fundraising for all kinds of charitable organisations, and when you couple it with a creative campaign like cute dog and cat videos, you’re bound to be set for success.

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