Even Santa takes contactless payments!

Winchester Round Table’s festive elves have been super busy getting Santa’s sleigh ready for his first trip of the festive season around the city of Winchester.

Every year WRT take Santa and his sleigh on a tour of the estates surrounding the city centre so spread festive cheer to all and raise vital funds for charitable causes from all over the city.

Winchester Santa Sleigh was a brainwave from some of the guy at Winchester Round able who upcycled an old milk float from Leicester into a sleigh fit for the big man in red himself.

It took 6 months to take it from it’s original form from delivering milk, to transporting Father Christmas around Winchester. The guys from WRT all have their normal full time jobs, which meant that their elf duties had to fit in around those. But the hard work paid off and the Winchester Santa Sleigh is now a huge part of the local community and really brings everyone together during this festive time to make money for a myriad of worthy local causes.

It’s gone through a bit of a makeover before, updating the shape of the sleigh, but more recently Santa’s sleigh has really been moving with the times by adding 4G!

Why would it need 4G, you may be wondering? Well, it’s important to keep track of Santa as he leaves his home in the North Pole and ventures into the centre of Winchester. With the help of 4G, the sleigh can be tracked as it makes it’s away around, meaning that people can check whereabouts he is and when he gets close to their house, they can come outside to greet him!

And as Santa makes his way around the roads of Winchester, his elves are busy knocking on doors letting them know that Santa is coming. These elves have charity buckets to take any donations that people may wish to make. And new for this year, they are using mobile payment technology to do it.

Using iZettle’s repeat payment feature on an iPhone, WRT, Santa and his elves will be able to take card payments for the first time, so that people wishing to make a donation but finding themselves short of cash can still donate to a great cause.

So there you go. Even Santa knows that to keep those donations coming in, you’ve got to keep up with technological advances and give people the opportunity to donate via card.

For more information on Winchester Santa Sleigh, head to their website https://www.winchestersantasleigh.co.uk/ .

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