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Donater Now Supports Google Pay!

As of Thursday 7th November, Donater is pleased to announce that we will be able to take Google Pay payments – making it even easier for people making mobile donations via Android.

Recently Google has made it even easier for people making online payments. In February of last year, Google rounded up all of their different payment methods and unified them in one brand – Google Pay.

The Android pay app has also been rebranded to Google Pay, along with the Google Wallet app being called Google Pay Send.

The Google Pay app will also enable peer-to-peer transactions allowing users to send and receive money. Google have added QR codes to enable this peer-to-peer payment function.

There has been a big surge in the accessibility of mobile payments in recent years, with charitable organisations also finding that they need to ensure there are different options for people wanting to make donations.

With the current trend of a cashless society, organisations that don’t utilise mobile payment options are missing out on huge potential donations.

People might not carry cash, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to donate. How many times have you heard a street collector ask for a donation only to be told ‘sorry no cash!’. That’s where these mobile payment options are really great. They can shout back ‘actually we take contactless payments via card or mobile!’

When it’s as quick and easy as dropping a few coins in a bucket, it provides a fantastic alternative to those who want to give money but don’t have cash.

Donater smart sticker technology combined with Google Pay will enable charities to take mobile donations quickly and easily. We are super excited about this development and look forward to trialling it soon!

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