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Smart Donation Stickers for Winchester Fireworks

October has crept in and with it, the scent of Autumn. Chillier mornings, cosier evenings and of course, the smell of bonfires in the air.

This year will mark the 61st annual Winchester Round Table Charity Bonfire and Fireworks. 61 years of raising money for charitable funds across Winchester.

Hosted by Winchester Round Table, this event is the largest charitable event in the city and is always a wonderful, community spirited evening.

Attracting over 20,000 guests each year, last year’s event raised a phenomenal amount of money for causes local to Winchester – over £50,000! But there’s always scope to do more.

And that’s where we come in, this year.

This November, Winchester Round Table Bonfire and Fireworks will be trialling Donater’s fundraising technology at the event.

With charitable events comes the traditional bucket shaking – And it’s not to be scoffed at! It’s an important element to fundraising, especially on the night itself where people can drop their loose change in the buckets on the way in to the site, or on their way out after having watched a fireworks spectacular!

Donater doesn’t aim to replace this vital form of collecting donations, but aid it.

We live in an increasingly cashless society. More and more digital ways of making payments are emerging, and this has meant that less people carry cash.

But does that mean they’re also less willing to donate to charitable causes? No, we don’t think so.

People still want to make donations, but they don’t always have the means. They might not have the coins or notes to drop in the bucket, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want to donate a few pounds.

This is where our technology comes in. Our smart donation technology enables these charity buckets – or anything, really – to become a digital payment option.

People can scan the smart sticker with their phone and choose to make a donation, so all those who aren’t carrying cash can still donate to a great cause!

We’re hoping that it’ll help Winchester Round Table Bonfire and Fireworks raise even more money for their local community.

The event is on Saturday 9th November and tickets are on sale now via and selected city centre vendors.  

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