Hospice’s Next to go Contactless

We’ve talked about a few different organisations going contactless for their donations – Churches, homeless people and even museums and other charity run organisations in the tourism industry. This week we’re looking at hospices using this innovative technology to increase their donations. More hospice care organisations are now giving potential donors the opportunity to make their donation using contactless technology.

In today’s cashless society where generous people are often caught short of spare change, the ‘Tap to Donate’ boxes make it much easier for people who would like to donate with debit or credit cards.

Not only does it give people who want to donate an alternative to cash donations, it is also super quick to do whilst out and about – As fast as dropping some coins in a bucket.

People are able to donate anything up to £30 which just a tap of their card – An amount that is unlikely with cash donations but given more of a chance with this payment scheme.

This contactless technology is an exciting tool that invites the opportunity to boost funds for hospices, benefitting so many people in need of palliative care.

If you’re a charity fundraiser yourself, odds are you will have been greeted with the reply “I’m sorry I’ve got no cash on me!”

And how many times have you uttered those words yourself whilst walking down the High Street?

People just don’t carry cash nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that people are less willing to give. It’s so important to move with the times, and give people a cashless giving alternative to keep those all important donations coming in.

The aim is to make supporting hospices, and so many other charitable organisations, as simple as possible.

We can see more and more companies like supermarkets and retail units taking on board this shift in society and installing contactless donation technology boxes in their stores, in addition to coin boxes.

You’ll quite often see cash collections at checkouts for numerous worthy causes including local hospices. We’ve already seen shops like The Entertainer take the next step and give customers the chance to round up to the nearest pound on their ESP terminals and donate their digital change to Great Ormond Street Hospital. These contactless donation boxes are the next step again in digital donations.  

‘Tap to Donate’ technology isn’t aiming to replace cash collections, but give people that genuinely don’t pay by cash the chance to donate when otherwise they wouldn’t be able to. There will still be people who drop coins in the buckets, but for the generation where everything is done by card, this provides a simple alternative.

There is no reason why hospices up and down the country, and other organisations that rely on charitable donations, can’t utilise this innovative technology and increase their donations digitally.

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