Donation Stickers in Instagram Stories

Is this the next step in modernising charitable donations?

We are starting to see charity fundraising across all social media channels. Facebook have introduced birthday fundraisers where users can choose a cause close to their heart and raise money through their friends well wishes. And now Instagram have launched donation stickers for stories which is a fantastic way for charities and not-for-profits to attract additional donations.

With almost half of the UK population being Instagram users, this is a huge opportunity for charitable organisations to get their cause in front of a big, new audience of up to 24 million people. Eligible not-for-profits will be able to create a sticker for a 24-hour period to fundraise on their stories. Their supporters will also be able to share the sticker.

If you are eligible, you can create an Instagram story and add the donation sticker to start immediately raising money for your cause. Perhaps the best bit of this initiative is that 100% of the money you raise will be kept by your charity.  

The donation stickers have already been utilised by celebrity charity supporters such as Jameela Jamil sharing a link for Mermaids UK and Tom Daley supporting The Brain Tumour Charity.

By adding a donation sticker to their story, they are not only giving these charities the chance to raise vital funds through their many supporters, but it also raises awareness to all of their followers as well.

Instagram isn’t a stranger to the sharing of meaningful causes. People all over the globe use the platform to share causes that are close to their heart. All it takes is a user with a large following to share a particular fundraiser and it could easily go viral.

Donation stickers add a new dimension to this sensation, enabling Insta celebrities to share meaningful causes to their hundreds of thousands of followers, and bring a whole new flurry of donations to many charities and not-for-profit organisations.

So now not only can your supporters raise awareness about your causes that is so close to their heart, but they can actually use these donation stickers to directly raise money for you as well.

These donation stickers provide a brilliant and vital opportunity for charitable organisations to reach a whole new audience, and the fact that they receive 100% of the donations made means that could be an extremely valuable new tool for the charity sector.

Instagram is arguably one of the most creative platforms, and it will be exciting to see how organisations and their supporters use this innovative new tool to support causes they truly care about.

So now you’re wondering how to add a donation sticker to your story – Here’s how.

It’s not just charities that can add stickers to their stories – Anyone can! Follow these steps and you can add a donation sticker for your favourite charity to your story, and all of the proceeds go straight back to them.

With well known charities such as Cancer Research UK, Marie Curie, Mental Health Foundation, Dogs Trust, British Heart Foundation and many more, there is bound to be one that you can happily share straight away.

  1. In Instagram, swipe to your camera and take a picture (or select an image).
  2. At the top right, tap on the smiley face sticker icon.
  3. Choose the donation sticker.
  4. Select the non-profit organisation of your choice.
  5. Type the name of your fundraiser into the sticker.
  6. Add to your story.
  7. Friends, family and followers can donate direct to the charity right from your story!

If you are a charity or not-for-profit organisation, this is definitely something not to be overlooked. The scope for raising awareness and raising funds is massive. Happy story snapping!

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