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Think Outside The Box When It Comes to Bucket Shaking Fundraising

Could more unique, innovative design of donation boxes, raise more money for charity?

Cancer charity Maggie’s certainly thought so when they enlisted the help of a design agency to design a new donation box for them. The design was smooth, curved, and slightly bowing towards the potential donor. It was clean and simple, with no garish stickers or slogans plastered all over it, opting instead for a simple indented ‘maggie’s’ in the top above the coin slot. The aim was for it to stand out and invite spare change.

How often do you actually notice a donation box? We are so used to seeing them at checkouts that they’ve become almost invisible. And let’s face it, many of them look a bit grubby like they’ve been sat there for years.

So here’s a list of some of the more interesting donation boxes and where to find them

‘Please give what you can’

Promotional Collection Box – Aspect CPM – £8.21

Big donation, little donation, cardboard box

My Charity Boxes – Pack of 5 – Medium Cardboard Box – Amazon – £14.99

Securely sealed charity fundraising box

ScatterPod Donation Box Maroon – Amazon – £12.99

Locked, solid mahogany donation box

My Charity Boxes – Locked Mahogany Wooden Box – Amazon  – £33.99

Personalised acrylic box unit

Acrylic Box Unit – Amazon – £19.95

Personalised sloped top

Sloped top Charity Collection Box – Adventa Group – £8.10

House shaped donation box

Recycled money box, house shaped – printed4you – From £1.42

Collection bucket

Charity Money Collection Bucket – Charnwood Fundraising – £4.88

A great addition for your bucket or donation box is mobile donation technology. How, might you ask? Bring your donation box into the digital age using a smart sticker like Donater’s. Those that hear your bucket shake and immediately lift their hands and say ‘Sorry, no change!’ could simply scan the smart sticker using their mobile phone and make their donation online. Simple and effective!

Quite literally, be the change you want to see!

For more fundraising tips and info, follow along at @donaterapp.

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